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The ILC Looks Back Over the Year

Co-written by INCLUSIVE LEADERSHIP CO-OPERATIVE members and guests during our June 3 Annual General Meeting

The ILC is a non-profit, community service, volunteer-run co-operative with a vision of communities transformed by embracing the diversity in all living beings as gifts that enrich our world. Our mission is to bring people from diverse backgrounds together to nurture and mentor Inclusive Leadership development in ourselves, our communities and our world. Click here for more Information about the ILC.

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Earth Charter Leadership Course

Submitted by Christine Lacayo, Earth Charter International

Help Earth Charter International  promote our 10-week online training course:

Leadership, Sustainability, and Ethics

The course will begin on 19 June and students will need to apply by Wednesday 17 May! This course is designed to train young people around the world, from the ages of 18-30, on how to become active leaders in their community towards a more just, sustainable, and ethical world.


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The Art of Compassionate Listening

Mireille van Bremen is an inclusive social artist from Slovenia who combines Inclusive Leadership and Creativity to effect change in communities. As a practitioner of Nonviolent Communication. Continue reading

June 2 to 4 Inclusive Leadership Cooperative Annual Gathering

If you are passionate about diversity….

Time to come on your own or with a group to our

Annual Inclusive Leadership Co-operative Gathering 

Friday June 2 to Sunday, June 4, 2017 

Cowichan Lake Education Centre, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

Click here to go straight to the registration form or read on for more information.

Our annual Inclusive Leadership Co-operative Gatherings are wonderful opportunities for everyone interested in or involved in Inclusive Leadership. You are invited to spend 1, 2, or all 3 days exploring, sharing and celebrating the multitude of ways Inclusive Leaders are transforming communities by embracing diversity.

  • We invite you to bring your family, friends, colleagues and  intercultural/intergenerational groups of students/teachers or leaders/youth or new leaders/experienced leaders
  • We invite returning Inclusive Leaders to facilitate participatory workshops and activities that will involve us in exploring your Inclusive Leadership work in the world.

“We are part of a world-wide movement made up of individuals and groups who care about people and the planet in ways that are life-enriching and life-sustaining. We look forward to learning with and from everyone who attends the gathering.”(Kix Citton, ILC Founding Member).



Where: Cowichan Lake Education Centre, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada is on 44 acres of forested lakefront with delicious meals, a variety of accommodation, a beautiful beach, lots of trails, and plenty to do in the area.

When:  Friday afternoon, June 2 to Sunday afternoon June 4, 2017


Who is Inclusive Leadership for? If you are wondering whether or not you are choice 2part of the Inclusive Leadership Community, you already are. Every single person who values safety, respect, equality and joy has a vital role to play in building welcoming and inclusive communities based on embracing differences as gifts that enrich our world. Inclusive Leadership is for individuals. families, and groups. Government, non-profits, schools, co-operatives, and businesses are invited to send adults and youth. Inter-generational groups of adults, youth and children are encouraged to register.

Click here to meet new and experienced Inclusive leaders of all ages, cultures and backgrounds from our June 2016 ILC Gathering.

Participation Fees:  The Inclusive Leadership Co-operative runs on the spirit of generosity with people paying what we can comfortably afford. Use the fee schedule below to figure out the cost for you and other members of your group. Then – when you go to the registration form you can choose between paying these fees, requesting a sponsorship, or you can help sponsor someone by contributing a little more.

All Inclusive Costs for Friday June 2 to Sunday , June 4:

  • Commuting: Adult: $190. Youth: $85. Children: $60
  • Dormitory: Adult: $250. Youth: $120. Children: $75
  • Shared room: Adult: $300. Youth: $150 Children (sharing with parent/guardian): $75
  • Private room: Adult: $400. Youth: $200 Children n/a

Or use these adult-rates to calculate your fees: The cost for Youth (Y) age 12 to 18 is 1/2 of the adult fees. The cost for Children (C) age 4 to 11 is 1/3 of the adult fees. No cost for children age 0 to 3.

Venue Use Fee:  $50 for all 3 days or $40 for any 2 days or $20 for any 1 day.

Accommodation: Dormitory: $30 per night. Shared room: $50 per night. Private room: $100 per night.

Meals: Breakfast: $20 per meal. Lunch: $25 per meal. Dinner: $25 per meal.

dsc_9120All generations are welcome:  The inter-generational aspect of Inclusive Leadership is so rewarding! We welcome groups of youth and adult mentors to come together. We also welcome post-secondary students and young adults to come on your own.


Child-Minding: We will support you with child-minding by offering active child-and-youth-friendly alternatives to choose during workshop sessions. Inclusive Leadership Gatherings can easily include your whole family age 0 to 90!

earth-charter-102Diverse Abilities: Our diverse abilities are gifts that enrich our communities and the wider world! Cowichan Lake Education Centre is a very accessible venue and Inclusive Leaders know that sharing leadership is the key to planning for an accessible and meaningful experience for everyone. Please phone or email us to discuss whatever accommodations and supports you require for yourself or someone who is coming with you.


IMG_5519For more information and to register: Phone: 250-746-6141



Click here to go to the on-line registration form.

Click here to learn more about our Global Framework – The International Earth Charter.

Click here for comments from Past Participants

Click here to read our ILC Gathering Sample Agenda from 2016

Leadership, Sustainability, and Ethics Workshop.

Submitted by Joshua Amponsem

Joshua Amponsem

Earlier this year, I received a scholarship from Inclusive Leadership to undergo Earth Charter’s “Leadership, Sustainability, and Ethics” training for young leaders. The training had lots of impact on my leadership and advocacy path. It introduced me to Education for Sustainable Development (ESD), new ways of thinking, and a more robust approach towards achieving the SDGs and even beyond that towards a more peaceful and sustainable future.

As part of the training, participants organized individual workshops to expand the knowledge on the concepts of the programme. I organized my workshop in Kumasi – Ghana on the 22nd of March under the theme “Building Earth Leaders Today.”

I had a group of 25 people from 11 countries and from different backgrounds. The event started with introductions and we discussed ESD. Only 1 person out of the 25 had experienced Education for Sustainable Development. This emphasized on the need for ESD…

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Spotlight on Raj Gill: a Pioneering Inclusive Leader

Raj Gill co-founded Inclusive Leadership Adventures and the Inclusive Leadership Co-operative and so she truly is a pioneering Inclusive Leader!

Raj is also Director of Prosperity Circles Coaching International and an internationally reknowned Non-Violent Communication trainer certified by the International Centre for Nonviolent Communication.

Raj combines Inclusive Leadership, Communication with Compassion and Emotional Intelligence in her international coaching and facilitating practice. Continue reading