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Party With Poetry Fundraiser Saturday, March 23

We are all invited to celebrate Inclusive Leadership, the Earth Charter and emerging Inclusive Leaders in our Global Village.

It takes a village to raise the next generation of Inclusive Leaders. We are all invited to contribute to a creative and meaningful Inclusive Leadership fund-raiser in Victoria, BC on March 23 being hosted by ILC Board Member, Lindsay Beal.

It is so easy for supporters from near and far to get into the spirit of this party by purchasing tickets or making a donation. Simply click here to DONATE

Lindsay’s husband Paul Van Goozen will process your $20 contribution. Or contact Lindsay by phone 250-380-0181 or email If you live in or near Victoria this is going to be a fabulous party to go to. We will post poems and photos so that supporters from farther away can join us in spirit!

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Inclusive Leadership Adventure Weekend 2019

Get set for an inclusive diversity education experience on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada as exciting and life-changing as travelling to different countries around the world!

Inclusive Leadership Adventure Weekends: Three days of experiential diversity education as exciting and life-changing as travelling to different countries around the world. Continue reading

Sign Up to Discover Your Inclusive Leadership Potential

Registration is underway for our upcoming guided online quest to Discover Your Inclusive Leadership Potential beginning January 24. We are half way to our goal of welcoming thirty champions of diversity and inclusion to embark on this journey together. We encourage you to sign up for this online learning adventure and invite others from across Canada and around the world who are passionate about diversity and inclusion to participate with you.  Continue reading

ILC Vision 2019

The Inclusive Leadership Co-operative is a co-operative association that is run by ILC members and friends of the ILC with a mission to bring diverse people together to nurture and mentor Inclusive Leadership development in ourselves, our communities and our world.

We invite you to read over our vision for 2019 and consider where and how you would like to volunteer. Then email us at so that we can welcome your volunteer contributions. Continue reading

Looking back on 2018

For the Inclusive Leadership Co-operative, 2018 has been a year of exploring, sharing, celebrating and stretching to involve more and more people from different generations, cultures and places in developing Inclusive Leadership skills, awareness and action plans for living, learning and leading in our diverse communities. Continue reading

Action Planning Creates Connected Communities

Submitted by Terri Beaton

A couple of months ago, when I was at an Inclusive Leadership Gathering, I decided to take the Action Planning workshop. I experienced a very different action planning process than I am used to because we started at the end with what we wanted the outcomes to be, and then we went backwards from there. Continue reading

PAUSE and Reflect on Inclusive Leadership

submitted by Lindsay Beal, ILC Board Member

Lindsay runs Spider’s Eye, a creative arts business in Victoria, BC.

“Something that is clicking into place for me in the Discover Your Inclusive Leadership Potential course – with twenty-five participants from ten different countries – is how the core of Inclusive Leadership is heart to heart connecting.” Continue reading