Inviting You On Our Online Inclusive Leadership Quest

Here is an invitation to consider for yourself and share with champions of diversity and inclusion you know.

Did you know that those of us who are deeply concerned about social isolation, discrimination, habitat loss, and climate change are part of a world-wide movement? Did you know our movement is probably 3 billion people strong and growing?

“The real game changers are people and communities…If we are going to solve this civilization crisis, we need to hold hands and collaborate.”  (Paul Hawken, Project Drawdown)

This is where our invitation to Discover Your Inclusive Leadership Potential comes in.  What if, in addition to everything else you are doing in your busy life, you could find the time to sign up for our guided online quest through the field of Inclusive Leadership? What would you discover?

With Inclusive Leadership as your map and the international Earth Charter as your compass you will find yourself on a carefully researched, well-designed, step-by-step online exploration of simple, practical, positive and meaningful leadership skills for Building Bridges to Equality, Connecting with Differences, Communicating with Compassion and responding to hurtful situations with Anti-Discrimination First Aid.

With ongoing enrollment and our no-one-left-behind approach to learning, you can join in whenever you are ready: this week, next week or in the weeks and months to come. You can enroll by clicking here. 

Our spirit of generosity pricing means that we each pay what we can comfortably afford ($140, $70, $35) or receive a full sponsorship. It is easy to apply for a full sponsorship (or a subsidy or even a full sponsorship for a group of people) by emailing

When you arrive at our all inclusive base camp, you will be welcomed into an inspiring mutual mentoring alliance of about 30-40 emerging and experienced Inclusive Leaders from around the world. We are real people, all learning with each other and from each other while participating in self-paced, peer-to-peer, experiential action education in our own time and at our own pace.

The outcome of bringing our diverse social and environmental concerns and passions together as gifts is a practical and hopeful opportunity become more globally aware, locally skilled, peaceful, relaxed and joyful in charting your way forward to life-enriching, life-sustaining solutions.“The development of Inclusive Leadership Education is awesome. I want to see this beautiful online program expand and become a major vehicle for teaching Inclusive Leadership around the world. What better gift can we give our children than to teach them what it means to be inclusive in regard to their fellow human beings and in regard to the world around them?” (Beat Odermatt, Founder, owner and operator of U-Can International School, Uganda).

I hope you will join us and help other champions of diversity and inclusion discover this continuing education opportunity that is changing lives and changing communities.

Diverse people do not gather together automatically and so personal invitations are so important. I hope you can spend a few more minutes forwarding this invitation to this continuing education opportunity on to 2, 3, 4, 5, or more of your colleagues, friends, students, volunteers, schools and organizations engaged in inclusion and diversity.

For the Discover Your Inclusive Leadership Potential course description and information on how to enroll:

For information about sponsorships or any other questions, email Linda Hill, Coordinator of Inclusive Leadership Education at