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Inclusive Leadership Discoveries was co-written by 30 Inclusive Leaders from 10 different countries on 5 continents. Each lovingly polished gem of a chapter is brimming with stories and images of hopeful, healing, focused, and wise ways Inclusive Leaders are bringing diverse people together to care for people and our planet in our own diverse communities.

We created our E-Book of Inclusive Leadership Discoveries with our spirit of generosity in mind. When you click here to go to the Inclusive Leadership Discoveries E-Book-Site, you will be invited to contribute $10, or $35, or $70 (Canadian Currency) to our Inclusive Leadership Sponsorship Fund.  This beautiful E-Book of Inclusive Leadership Discoveries is our thank you gift to you for supporting Inclusive Leaders who face financial barriers to participate in our Discover Your Inclusive Leadership Potential online course. Or you are welcome to email us at to request a complimentary copy.

Title page onlyInclusive Leadership Adventures (ILA) are as life-changing as travelling to different countries around the world. Our Inter-generational/Intercultural guidebook for exploring, sharing, and celebrating differences is full of skills for Connecting With Differences, Communicating With Compassion, and responding to situations of exclusion with Anti-Discrimination First Aid when needed.  60 pages.

Available as a printed manual or pdf e-book.

Cost: Printed manual: $15 plus postage. PDF e-book is $5.00 per single user license.


ADFA BOOKLET COVERAnti-Discrimination First Aid (ADFA) is a set of skills you hope you won’t have to use very often. But – like all first aid – it is important to practice these skills so that you are ready and able to respond when needed. A is for Assess the Situation. A is also for Assert Access Rights. B is for take a BREAK. C is for Communicate Concerns with Care. D is for Debrief and Defuse. E is for Ethical Witnessing. F is for Form a Circle of Support. 24 pages.

Available as a pdf e-book.

Cost: PDF e-book is  $5.00 per single user license.


DC coverDiscovering Connections (DC) is ten guided journeys into the heart of inclusive community-building. The focus is on bridging disability and ability differences through appreciative inquiry; developing skills for connecting with differences; connecting safely, respectfully and equally; building meaningful relationships; and communicating through the universal language of fun. Click here to read reviews.

Available as a bound printed book or as a package of ten for students and other groups. Cost for 1 bound copy: $20 plus postage. Cost for pkg of ten 3-hole punch copies: Free for the books plus $50 for postage/shipping.


CKCover2Connecting Kids (CK) makes diversity education with children as easy as Ready, Set, Go. First get ready by selecting a skill. Second, get set by selecting an activity. Third, go exploring! What an enjoyable adventure life can become when children feel safe and respected enough to share their unique gifts, choose how to be and develop Inclusive Leadership skills through co-operative games, creative arts, and outdoor education. Click here to read reviews

Available as a bound printed book or a pdf e-book.

Cost: Bound book is $25.00 plus postage. $15 plus postage for orders of 10 or more. PDF ebook is $5.00 per single user license.

All proceeds from book sales go into our sponsorship fund to help youth, students, and others who face financial barriers access Inclusive Leadership educational opportunities. 

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