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Voice of Women Peace Education Award Presented to Dr. Linda Hill

submitted by Linda Hill

I was thrilled to be one of five women honoured at the annual Canadian Voice of Women for Peace banquet in Toronto, March 8 2018. I received the The Dr. Anne Goodman Peace Education Award which is based on Anne’s commitment to peace-building and peace education that took her to Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, Slovakia, Israel, Croatia and other countries. Anne’s view was that transformative learning involves experiencing a deep, structural shift in thought, feelings and actions – and building strong relationships with each other. Anne believed that by working together we can create that culture of peace of which we dream.

Canadian Voice of Women for Peace has tirelessly advocated to create the mutual respect and understanding necessary for the peaceful resolution of international conflict for over 55 years. Their work and research on peace and women’s issues locally, nationally, and internationally, especially with the United Nations provides a means for women to exercise responsibility for the promotion of world peace and justice through education, advocacy, democracy, and co-operation.

I was nominated in October, 2017 by the Cowichan Valley Quakers to honour my dedication to Peace Education through cultivating Inclusive Leadership. In February 2018, “The Board of Canadian Voice of Women for Peace unanimously confirmed …that Dr. Linda Hill’s life work is beautifully reflective of the ideal behind the Anne Goodman Award for Peace Education. We wish her to receive this special award.” (Janis Alton, Co-Chair, Canadian Voice of Women for Peace

“Congratulations to  Linda Hill on being presented  today with the Peace Education Award by the Voice of Women for Peace.” (Nola Landucci).

“Linda’s Inclusive Leadership workshops were very influential to my family and me. It was also wonderful being part of engaging all of Mt. Prevost School students in the project. Kudos to Linda for the positive difference she has made in so many ways in our world. Betty Polster was a committed member of Voices of Women for Peace, as were many of Dave’s and my peace mentors. Betty would have been thrilled. Gratitude to you Linda and congratulations on a well deserved award” (Genevieve Singleton, Dave Polster and family)

Thank you so much to Inclusive Leader Ayodele Moffet (right hand side of this photo beside Inclusive Leaders Glaucia Desrochers and Linda McDaniels). Ayodele, a Toronto resident who lived in the Cowichan Valley,BC, Canada for a number of years, attended the Voice of Women event to accept the Dr. Anne Goodman Peace Education award on my behalf. “The Voice of Women for Peace event went well; It reminded me of Cowichan Intercultural Society events.  I felt at home, had great vegetarian food and met wonderful people. I shared your speech and shared how we met during an International Women’s Day event in Duncan which included us responding to a bomb threat by hiding under a desk. This story brought laughter to all. Thank you for the experience of accepting an award.” (Ayodele Moffet)

Here is my acceptance speech: “I am thrilled to be this year’s recipient of the Anne Goodman award for peace education. Like Dr. Goodman, I have dedicated much of my life to building an International Culture of Peace, fostering dialogue and working toward social and environmental justice. My work is done through the Inclusive Leadership Co-operative and the international Earth Charter. Like Anne Goodman, I believe that peace begins at home. I apply Participatory Action Research methodology to bring youth and adults from diverse cultures and other backgrounds together to learn with and from each other. Together we all develop skills, awareness and action plans for living, learning, and leading more inclusively in our diverse communities. I’ve been doing this work on Vancouver Island in partnership with the co-founders of the Inclusive Leadership Co-operative since 2002. We have recently begun online peace education courses based on the same Inclusive Leadership practices and are now educating emerging leaders from around the world.” (Linda Hill).


Building Bridges: A Labour of Love

This Labour Day Message featuring ILC Board Member Kix Citton, is dedicated to everyone – everywhere – who is Building Bridges to inclusive and welcoming communities based on respect for people and nature. Inclusive Leadership is for everyone who is passionate about the magnificence of diversity!

We invite you to discover your potential for shifting work-places, schools and entire communities in inclusive and welcoming ways  by developing skills for embracing the diversity in all living beings as gifts that enrich the world.  Continue reading

Daring To Be – Cooperative!

(submitted by Joy Emmanuel)

9018942What do Inclusive Leadership and Co-operatives have in common?  Everything!

They are both about embracing the values of respect, diversity, support, and collaboration in our everyday lives. They both offer us tools for creating caring communities that are enhanced by the quality of connection with one another in our interactions at work, play, accessing or offering services, and for whatever we are doing.

cooperative-course-flyerThat’s why I am passionate about being an inclusive leader and being someone who helps groups develop co-operatives. I am delighted to be offering an upcoming course in Victoria, BC that will introduce people to the BIG picture of what co-operatives are all about, Click here for the cooperative-course-flyer

The co-operative movement has been around a long time – well over 150 years! The co-operative model has been used in multiple ways to provide housing, employment, social programs, food, financial institutions (such as credit unions) and much more. It has been said that co-operatives have been developed to care for every aspect of our lives – from the cradle to the grave.
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