Sept 28 to 30 Annual ILC Gathering. Come for 1, 2, or all 3 days!

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Friday, September 28 8:30 am to Sunday, September 30, 2:00 pm

Come for 1, 2, or all three days!

Cowichan Lake Education Centre, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

Our Fall Sept 28 to 30, 2018 Inclusive Leadership Co-operative Annual Gathering is sure to be another wonderful opportunity for networking, learning, exploring, and celebrating!

The theme this year is on de-stressing diverse learning environments. Come to learn, practice and experience the benefits of de-stressing by:

  1. disarming instinctive tendencies to react to what is different with fight/flight/freeze survival habits.
  2. opening up our relaxed nervous systems
  3. cultivating our growth oriented mind-sets

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We invite EVERYONE involved in or interested in becoming involved in Inclusive Leadership! Come for 1,2, or all 3 days to experience and share the multitude of ways Inclusive Leaders are transforming communities by embracing diversity.

  • We invite you to bring your family, friends, colleagues and groups: students/teachers, leaders/youth, new leaders/experienced leaders.
  • This inter-generational/intercultural event is a GREAT leadership development opportunity for staff, volunteers, high-school and university students
  • Returning Inclusive Leaders will be facilitating participatory workshops and activities that will involve us in exploring their Inclusive Leadership work in the world.

“We are part of a world-wide movement made up of individuals and groups who care about people and the planet in ways that are life-enriching and life-sustaining. We look forward to learning with and from everyone who attends the gathering.”(Kix Citton, ILC Founding Member).


Where: Cowichan Lake Education Centre, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada is on 44 acres of forested lakefront with delicious meals, a variety of accommodation, a beautiful beach, lots of trails, and plenty to do in the area.

When:  Sept 28, 29, and 30, 2018. Come for 1, 2, or all 3 days.


Who is Inclusive Leadership for? If you are wondering whether or not you are choice 2part of the Inclusive Leadership Community, you already are. Every single person who values safety, respect, equality and joy has a vital role to play in building welcoming and inclusive schools, work-places and communities based on embracing differences as gifts that enrich our world. Inclusive Leadership is for individuals. families, and groups. Government, non-profits, schools, co-operatives, and businesses are invited to send adults and youth. Inter-generational groups of adults, youth and children are encouraged to register.

Activities and Workshops:  

Our committee for planning the 2018 ILC Gathering is hard at work contacting experienced Inclusive Leaders and developing an exciting and engaging agenda for a relaxed and enjoyable gathering.

Friday, September 28 from 8:30 am to 3:00 pm will be a Continuing Education and Pro-D Day focused on De-Stressing Learning Environments.  Click here for details.

Then – from 4:00 p.m. Friday Sept 28 to 2:00 pm Sunday Sept 30 – we will have choice after choice of workshops, discussion groups, creative activities, celebrations, online and in person meetings, socializing, campfires, nature walks, games and other outdoor activities. Whether you come for 1, 2, or all 3 days, this weekend is designed to be full of opportunities for exploring, sharing, and celebrating the diverse ways Inclusive Leadership are transforming our communities in inclusive, welcoming and life-enriching ways by embracing diversity.

Participation Fees and Registration:

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The Inclusive Leadership Co-operative keeps costs as low as possible by running on the spirit of generosity. You may have heard the “stone-soup” story where the inhabitants of a poor village managed to make a tasty and nourishing pot-luck soup by everyone contributing a little bit of this and a little bit of that. We apply this stone-soup metaphor to cover the costs of our Inclusive Leadership Gathering so that everyone who wants to come can come.

  • Our suggested fee is $100 per day for adults, $50 per day for youth and $35 per day for children including food and dormitory accommodation
  • Each person coming is asked to contribute what you can comfortably afford toward these costs of food and accommodation.
  • This means that partial or even full sponsorships are available for everyone – without even having to ask or explain.

We invite you to keep the spirit of generosity and the stone soup story in mind as you review these costs for our September 28 to 30 Inclusive Leadership Gathering and decide what is comfortably affordable for you and the people you are bringing with you.

We also of course appreciate everyone’s help with fund-raising, seeking sponsorships from employers, service clubs, schools, and by contributing extra if you can.

We have found over and over again that by all of us sharing the spirit of generosity in these ways, we always manage to cover the costs for everyone who wants to come.

Here are the suggested fees for adults. Suggested fees for youth are 1/2 these adult fees. Suggested fees for children are 1/3 these adult fees.

Suggested All Inclusive fee for 3 days and 2 nights from Friday morning Sept 28 to Sunday afternoon Sept 30 include: 7 delicious meals, 2 nights comfortable accommodation, all materials and supplies, and life-guards at our beautiful Cowichan Lake Education Centre venue.

  • Commuting: $250
  • Dormitory: $250
  • Shared room: $375
  • Private room: $475

Suggested fee for 2 days is $200 including food and accommodation

  • Not staying overnight: no extra cost
  • Dormitory: $no extra cost
  • Shared room: $70 extra
  • Private room: $125 extra

Suggested fee for one day only (Friday Pro-D Day or Saturday) is $100.

All generations are welcome:  The inter-generational aspect of Inclusive Leadership is so rewarding! We welcome groups of children/youth and adult mentors to come together. We also welcome post-secondary students and young adults to come on your own.

Suggested fees for youth are 1/2 these adult fees. Suggested fees for children are 1/3 these adult fees.


Child-Minding: We will support you with child-minding by offering active child-and-youth-friendly alternatives to choose during workshop sessions. Inclusive Leadership Gatherings can easily include your whole family age 0 to 90!

earth-charter-102Diverse Abilities: Our diverse abilities are gifts that enrich our communities and the wider world! Cowichan Lake Education Centre is a very accessible venue and Inclusive Leaders know that sharing leadership is the key to planning for an accessible and meaningful experience for everyone. Please phone or email us to discuss whatever accommodations and supports you require for yourself or someone who is coming with you.

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Click here to learn more about our Global Framework – The International Earth Charter.

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Photos from some of our past Inclusive Leadership Gatherings