Yes Let’s!

Here is a short survey followed by our creative invitation to show up at Inclusive Leadership Online and In Person and invite others to show up with you by playing Yes Let’s!

  • Do you value diversity and inclusion?
  • Do you consider yourself to be a Bridge-Builder (i.e. Do you often find yourself helping people and places be respectful, fair, peaceful, safe and fun for everyone)?
  • Have you ever participated in an Inclusive Leadership event (in person or online)?
  • Are you a supporter or member of the Inclusive Leadership Co-operative?

If you have answered yes to even one of these questions then you are ready to accept our invitation to share leadership with networking!  Yes Let’s! 

In the classic, co-operative drama game, of “Yes Let’s,” participants take turns suggesting imaginative things to do such as:

  • Let’s fly out into space
  • Let’s win the World Cup soccer game together
  • Let’s swim in a coral reef
  • Let’s unite the world

What makes this game so satisfying is that the rest of the participants support each suggestion with a resounding shout out of the words, “Yes, Let’s” and then we all act out the suggested idea together, daring to make our dreams come true through the power of our creativity and shared leadership.

What would happen if we treated Inclusive Leadership as an enjoyable round of “Yes, Let’s”? What would be the result of sharing leadership with inviting and networking?

  • Let’s invite all the Bridge-Builders we know to come to our Sept 28 to 30 Inclusive Leadership Gathering, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada. (“Yes Let’s”)
  • Let’s invite all the champions of diversity and inclusion we know to sign up for our online course: Discover Your Inclusive Leadership Potential (“Yes Let’s”)
  • Let’s each invite a family member, friend, colleague, student, client, volunteer, or other community member to get involved in Inclusive Leadership online or in person this fall (“Yes Let’s”)
  • Let’s all join the Inclusive Leadership Co-operative? (“Yes Let’s)
  • Let’s all eliminate financial barriers and time-barriers by contributing what we can when we can in the spirit of generosity! (“Yes Let’s”)
  • Let’s all build bridges to equality, connect with differences, communicate with compassion and stand up for inclusion! (“Yes Let’s”)
  • Let’s all volunteer to help an event in our community be even more inclusive and welcoming than it already is! (“Yes Let’s”)
  • Let’s all live, learn and lead more inclusively in our diverse communities! (“Yes Let’s”)
  • Let’s help change the world in inclusive, welcoming and life-enriching directions. (“Yes Let’s”)

What does happen when more and more people approach Inclusive Leadership with a “Yes Let’s” spirit is that it becomes easier and easier to cultivate Inclusive Leadership throughout the world. And there is no time to lose. We are living during a time in the history of the world when it is vitally important to share leadership in gathering together champions of diversity and inclusion of all ages, cultures and other backgrounds, online and in-person.  There is so much to learn from each other and so much to learn with each other. By gathering together we amplify, multiply and accelerate the impact of our individual efforts.

If you have read to the end of this post, the next step is to say “Yes, Let’s” to our invitation to show up yourself and invite others to show up with you! Then, email to let us know what you are planning to show up to and any questions you may have about participating and networking.

Yes Let’s Share Leadership!