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Inclusive Leadership: A Foundation for Human Rights

Submitted by Rachel Singleton-Polster

An inter-generational/intercultural Inclusive Leadership Adventure is coming up on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada February 23 to February 25, 2018. Click here for more information.

Being a participant in Inclusive Leadership Adventures was very formative for me in my teenage years.

The skills I learned of empathetic listening, of respectful communication and of accessibility and inclusiveness for all were key as I went forward to pursue my passion in social justice and human rights work.

The Inclusive Leadership foundation, and network of friendships, has helped me professionally and personally, and I would recommend involvement in Inclusive Leadership experiential education weekends or Inclusive Leadership Online Learning to anyone looking to broaden their world view


Rachel Singleton-Polster is a human rights worker hailing from the Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island, Rachel studied Human Geography along the marshlands of New Brunswick, and Natural Resource Management on the stormy coasts of Haida Gwaii.

She has been involved in Social Justice and Human Rights Work since she was a teenager participating in Students for Diversity, Inclusive Leadership and volunteering with Amnesty International.

She has worked for the Canadian Friends Service Committee (Quakers) out of Toronto as well as at the United Nations in New York.

Rachel practices self care by doing what makes her happy: baking, fishing, or just sitting quietly by the water.

We Have Only Each Other

Submitted by Harriet Greenwood and Linda Hill.

Thank you Inclusive Leader, Harriet Greenwood, for composing this beautiful song and thank you to you and Howard Greenwood for gifting it to the Inclusive Leadership Community.  I’ve put the words to photos about compassion from the Inclusive Leadership photo library.

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