Wed Nov 27 Facilitating Inclusive Leadership Workshop

Building Bridges and Appreciative Inquiry Applied to Project Planning: An Online Video Workshop/Consultation Meeting

Hosted by: The Inclusive Leadership Education Committee

Facilitated by: Linda Hill, Co-ordinator of Inclusive Leadership Education

When: Wednesday, November 27, 10:00 am to 11:30 am Pacific Time

Click here to go to this TIME ZONE CONVERTER and find out what time this workshop is in your local time zone.

Where: Participate from anywhere in the world via your computer by zoom.

Directions: Email so that we can send you the url link and instructions for joining our Zoom Video Workshop.

Who For:  Inclusive Leadership is for everyone who is concerned about oppression and marginalization. Inclusive Leadership is for everyone who values diversity and inclusion. Inclusive Leaders gradually become facilitators of Inclusive Leadership education by showing up to participate, co-facilitate, mentor and otherwise share leadership. Here is your chance to be an Inclusive Leadership consultant!

What: Experiential Education in applying Appreciative Inquiry and the Building Bridges steps to Designing and Planning Community Building Projects. Your appreciative questions, suggestions, and affirmations will strengthen and enrich Inclusive Leadership’s Strengthening Bridges Project.

To Register: Email so that we can help you figure out what time this workshop is in your local time zone and send you the url address for this zoom video workshop.

Process: We will all be developing our Inclusive Leadership skills for applying appreciative inquiry to action planning and consulting.

Agenda: Our agenda will follow the Building Bridges steps:

  • Networking:  An introductory activity aimed at building connections by sharing our diverse gifts.
  • Gathering:  A relaxing activity aimed at opening our minds to learning with each other and from each other.
  • Building Community, Relationships, Skills and Awareness: 
    • Members of the Education Committee will present an update on how the “Strengthening Bridges” Project is supporting Inclusive Leaders on our facilitating and mentoring journeys.
    • Participants will practice the art of Appreciative Inquiry with the goal of strengthening this project through your appreciative questions, suggestions, and affirmations.
    • Lindsay and Janice will present our plan for one or more online and/or in-person Inclusive Leadership facilitator training events in February/March 2020
  • Action Planning: Are you interested in helping us to make this happen. Let’s talk about how you could be involved?
  • Preparing for Follow Up:  Our closing activity will give each of us a chance to answer this question: “What did you appreciate experiencing and learning today that will be helpful to you on your journey facilitating Inclusive Leadership?”

Click here for some Optional Pre-reading: Strengthening Bridges Project Overview