Inclusive Leaders Look Back Over the Year

January 4, 2020

Collaboratively written at our Nov 23 ILC Annual General Meeting by Lindsay Beal and Arlene Nesbitt; Terri Beaton; Victoria Blouin, Shelley Lockwood and Robert Blouin; Linda Hill and John Scull; Tara, Rezner and Zanya Jordan/Kubacki; Nola Landucci; Sarah Mathison; Amy and Tafadzwa Matamba; Melissa Parker; Donna and Bill Sassaman; and Pamela Williams – enriched by links to our website blog. Click here for the full ILC Annual Report Sept 2018 to Nov 2019.

We love feeling more and more at home in the Inclusive Leadership Co-operative. Thinking creatively, participating in memorable and fun workshops. It’s important to learn how to de-stress diversity!

A diverse group of people came to our Annual Inclusive Leadership Gathering in September 2018. Our AGM and workshops led by ILC Members and guests demonstrated ways we lead inclusively in our communities.

In December 2018 we held online Visioning Sessions and an in-person Visioning Session at Little Zimbabwe Farm. Visioning helped us make lots of connections and fostered a team feeling as we brainstormed and listened to new perspectives for: cultivating the ILC, co-facilitating Inclusive Leadership Adventures and Inclusive Leadership Education in person and online online, networking and showing up inclusively in our diverse communities.

In February 2019 Raj Gill facilitated a valuable online Leading with Compassion learning journey that challenged our international group to open up to many different approaches to leading with compassion.

Our shared experiences were an important part of everyone’s Inclusive Leadership development: hearing diverse voices of compassion, learning to ask permission and experiencing our solidarity about our shared concerns and different concerns.

Our April 2019 Inclusive Leadership Adventure was filled with Inclusive Leadership skill-building activities, workshops, heart to heart groups, drawing, painting, student-led activities, poetry, musicianship, dance, games, fun, action planning and more! “I have loved every Adventure but I especially loved this one! Being here inspired me on so many levels. I left fired up to work to jump start my 1st Inclusive Leadership Adventure at Camp Elk Haven; and May 2020 it’s on!” (Tara Jordan).

In May, 2019 we held an Update Meeting at Little Zimbabwe Farm. The theme was ‘Who are our teachers?” We heard from Terri Beaton and Lindsay Beal who attended the inauguration of “The Inclusion Project” spear-headed by Ruth Mojeed from University of Victoria. We shared in pairs about the people in our lives who encouraged us to grow as loving, open people. How helpful it is to stay in touch with the sources of our learning.

We are so grateful to the 100 participants who piloted our introductory Discover Your Inclusive Leadership Potential online course. Since ongoing enrollment began in May, we welcomed 90 more participants from 17 countries.  Inclusive Leaders are sharing that the impacts of having done the course are improvements in work cultures, involvement in collaborative projects and sense of self-agency for affecting social change in their communities. “I loved connecting with other inclusive leaders around the world.” (Pamela Williams).

Inclusive Leadership Heart to Heart Cafés hosted by Harriet Greenwood and Janice Milnerwood happen online the first Saturday of every month of the year. You can join any month and surely feel listened to. People all over the world connect over common triumphs and struggles. Just knowing these Cafes happen, and that people are connecting from so many corners of the globe, fills our hearts with joy.

We are gradually reaching out from our home base on Vancouver Island to build an international community of Inclusive Leaders  “I thank you for all your efforts by making me and others what we are today globally through Discover Your Inclusive Leadership Potential Course which people around us and far from us are benefiting from the Inclusive Leadership skills in us. I appreciate the Board members and all the Inclusive Leaders across the World for sharing ideas with us and giving people like me the opportunity to be mentoring both new and old participants globally.” Agu Chukwuemeka Alpheus, Nigeria).

Joy Emmanuel was hired as the summer ILC Administrator June to Sept 2019. Her article: Is Climate Change an Inclusive Leadership Matter? was so encouraging and freeing for many members of the ILC who have chosen the challenge of becoming globally aware and locally skillful at forging climate change solutions (e.g. Radical Interdependence – Bring It On and Inclusive Leaders Rise Up for Climate Action).We shared examples of local multi-cultural, multi-generational action: nature connecting walks, Project Drawdown, Green Party , United Nations, Local government meetings, community events, festivals, agriculture/music projects, local markets, neighbourhood groups, community organizations, church, school, family, meditation, writing articles, LEAP communication-skills training, mentoring, Truth and Reconciliation, advocacy, working with diverse youth and the art community, meeting local artists, showing up with friends to support youth climate action)

In September, 2019 our Strengthening Bridges to Inclusion project received funding from the Department of Canadian Heritage. This funding made it possible to hire Lindsay Beal as our new co-ordinator of the Inclusive Leadership Co-operative.

Lindsay, Linda Hill, Janice Milnerwood, Harriet Greenwood, Tara Jordan and Terri Beaton have been steering this fantastic research and development opportunity that is building our capacity to support more than 60 new and experienced Inclusive Leaders from diverse backgrounds to facilitate and mentor Inclusive Leadership education.

Since September, Lindsay has been working with Moussa Magassa, Human Rights Education Advisor, University of Victoria to introduce Inclusive Leadership to Human Rights and Education Volunteers. “Inclusive Leadership is one of the best initiatives to come along in a very long time. I am encouraging the human rights education volunteers at the University of Victoria to participate as part of their volunteer training” (Moussa Magassa, Human Rights Education Advisor, University of Victoria, Victoria, BC).

“Being a participant in Inclusive Leadership Adventures was very formative for me in my teenage years. The skills I learned of empathetic listening, of respectful communication and of accessibility and inclusiveness for all were key as I went forward to pursue my passion in social justice and human rights work.

The Inclusive Leadership foundation, and network of friendships, has helped me professionally and personally, and I would recommend involvement in Inclusive Leadership experiential education weekends or Inclusive Leadership Online Learning to anyone looking to broaden their world view.” Rachel Singleton-Polster.