Yes Let’s!

Here is a short survey followed by our creative invitation to show up at Inclusive Leadership Online and In Person and invite others to show up with you by playing Yes Let’s!

  • Do you value diversity and inclusion?
  • Do you consider yourself to be a Bridge-Builder (i.e. Do you often find yourself helping people and places be respectful, fair, peaceful, safe and fun for everyone)?
  • Have you ever participated in an Inclusive Leadership event (in person or online)?
  • Are you a supporter or member of the Inclusive Leadership Co-operative?

If you have answered yes to even one of these questions then you are ready to accept our invitation to share leadership with networking!  Yes Let’s! 

In the classic, co-operative drama game, of “Yes Let’s,” participants take turns suggesting imaginative things to do such as:

  • Let’s fly out into space
  • Let’s win the World Cup soccer game together
  • Let’s swim in a coral reef
  • Let’s unite the world

What makes this game so satisfying is that the rest of the participants support each suggestion with a resounding shout out of the words, “Yes, Let’s” and then we all act out the suggested idea together, daring to make our dreams come true through the power of our creativity and shared leadership.

What would happen if we treated Inclusive Leadership as an enjoyable round of “Yes, Let’s”? What would be the result of sharing leadership with inviting and networking?

  • Let’s invite all the Bridge-Builders we know to come to our Sept 28 to 30 Inclusive Leadership Gathering, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada. (“Yes Let’s”)
  • Let’s invite all the champions of diversity and inclusion we know to sign up for our online course: Discover Your Inclusive Leadership Potential (“Yes Let’s”)
  • Let’s each invite a family member, friend, colleague, student, client, volunteer, or other community member to get involved in Inclusive Leadership online or in person this fall (“Yes Let’s”)
  • Let’s all join the Inclusive Leadership Co-operative? (“Yes Let’s)
  • Let’s all eliminate financial barriers and time-barriers by contributing what we can when we can in the spirit of generosity! (“Yes Let’s”)
  • Let’s all build bridges to equality, connect with differences, communicate with compassion and stand up for inclusion! (“Yes Let’s”)
  • Let’s all volunteer to help an event in our community be even more inclusive and welcoming than it already is! (“Yes Let’s”)
  • Let’s all live, learn and lead more inclusively in our diverse communities! (“Yes Let’s”)
  • Let’s help change the world in inclusive, welcoming and life-enriching directions. (“Yes Let’s”)

What does happen when more and more people approach Inclusive Leadership with a “Yes Let’s” spirit is that it becomes easier and easier to cultivate Inclusive Leadership throughout the world. And there is no time to lose. We are living during a time in the history of the world when it is vitally important to share leadership in gathering together champions of diversity and inclusion of all ages, cultures and other backgrounds, online and in-person.  There is so much to learn from each other and so much to learn with each other. By gathering together we amplify, multiply and accelerate the impact of our individual efforts.

If you have read to the end of this post, the next step is to say “Yes, Let’s” to our invitation to show up yourself and invite others to show up with you! Then, email to let us know what you are planning to show up to and any questions you may have about participating and networking.

Yes Let’s Share Leadership!

Friday, Sept 28: De-Stressing the Learning Environment

Welcome to a Pro-D Day focused on the Art of De-Stressing!

De-stressing is to learning environments as de-cluttering is to living environments.

  • The art of de-cluttering creates calmer, happier, healthier places to live.
  • The skills and strategies involved in de-stressing combine together to create calmer, happier, healthier places to learn and grow.

On Friday, Sept 28, 2018, you are invited to join the Inclusive Leadership Co-operative  at Lake Cowichan,Vancouver Island, BC, Canada for a full-day of experiential education in the art of de-stressing diverse learning environments.

(And you are welcome to stay on for 1 or 2 more days Sept 29 and 30 to experience the rest of our annual Inclusive Leadership Gathering for new and experienced Inclusive Leaders from diverse backgrounds).  Click here for information about the 3 day Inclusive Leadership Gathering). Read below for detailed information about our Sept 28 Professional Development Day focused on the Art of De-stressing Learning Environments.

Our Sept 28 Inclusive Leadership Professional Development Day (and the entire Sept 28 to 30 Inclusive Leadership Gathering) is an All-Inclusive participatory learning opportunity.

  • Our experiential de-stressing education day is for educators and other professionals; volunteers and other community leaders; students and other learners and everyone who cares about diversity and inclusion. You are invited to come on your own and to bring your families, friends, colleagues and students.
  • You will be part of an inclusive and welcoming inter-generational, inter-cultural learning community that brings out the best in each person’s differences. Our diverse backgrounds, identities, life-experiences, abilities and different approaches to learning are all gifts that we have to offer to each other and the wider world.
  • We will learn with each other and from each other in the relaxing and accessible lakeshore learning environment provided at Cowichan Lake Education Centre.
  • The cost of $100 for the day includes materials, supplies, handouts and a delicious lunch.
  • The Inclusive Leadership Co-operative keeps the costs inclusive by running on the spirit of generosity. Everyone who wants to come and can physically travel to this event can come, no matter what our differences in economic circumstances might be.

Click here to go to the registration form to review the fees and decide what you can comfortably afford for your participatory education in a beautiful venue with delicious meals and comfortable accommodation.

Learn through experiential education and shared leadership

Experienced facilitators will involve you in sharing leadership as soon as you arrive. Together we will create an inclusive learning community where everyone can relax and fully engage in developing and practicing Inclusive Leadership Skills and Strategies for:

  • creating relaxed learning environments where everyone can engage with diversity in ways that shift away from anxious, fixed mindsets to resilient and open growth mindsets.
  • communicating with compassion about our diverse ways of being in the world, inclusive diverse learning styles, diverse abilities, diverse life experiences, cultures, orientations, identities, and other backgrounds.
  • standing up for diversity and inclusion by being allies, advocates and active witnesses who are prepared to respond to situations of exclusion with anti-discrimination First Aid.

The outcome of supporting all types of learners (including ourselves) to de-stress about learning is that we create inclusive and welcoming spaces and relationships that are enriched by our diversity.

  • Instead of reacting to learning differences as problems, experience diverse types of learning  and diverse abilities as gifts that enrich the world.
  • Shift away from stress, fatigue and overload toward relaxation, rest, and mindful focus.
  • Develop action plans and confidence for freeing all learners up to experience and practice the four Cs of Calm, Compassion, Curiousity and Creativity.
  • Discover your potential to live, learn, and lead more inclusively in your diverse community.

Inviting You to the ILC Annual Gathering Sept 28-30

ILC LogoClick here to go to the registration form. For more information email or phone 250-746-6141

Friday, September 28 8:30 am to Sunday, September 30, 2:00 pm

Come for 1, 2, or all three days!

Cowichan Lake Education Centre, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

Our Fall 2018 Inclusive Leadership Co-operative Annual Gathering is sure to be another wonderful opportunity for networking, learning, exploring, and celebrating! We invite EVERYONE involved in or interested in becoming involved in Inclusive Leadership! Come for 1,2, or all 3 days to experience and share the multitude of ways Inclusive Leaders are transforming communities by embracing diversity.

  • We invite you to bring your family, friends, colleagues and groups: students/teachers, leaders/youth, new leaders/experienced leaders.
  • This inter-generational/intercultural event is a GREAT leadership development opportunity for staff, volunteers, high-school and university students
  • We invite returning Inclusive Leaders to facilitate participatory workshops and activities that will involve us in exploring your Inclusive Leadership work in the world.

“We are part of a world-wide movement made up of individuals and groups who care about people and the planet in ways that are life-enriching and life-sustaining. We look forward to learning with and from everyone who attends the gathering.”(Kix Citton, ILC Founding Member).



Where: Cowichan Lake Education Centre, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada is on 44 acres of forested lakefront with delicious meals, a variety of accommodation, a beautiful beach, lots of trails, and plenty to do in the area.

When:  Dates in June 2018 will be set soon.


Who is Inclusive Leadership for? If you are wondering whether or not you are choice 2part of the Inclusive Leadership Community, you already are. Every single person who values safety, respect, equality and joy has a vital role to play in building welcoming and inclusive communities based on embracing differences as gifts that enrich our world. Inclusive Leadership is for individuals. families, and groups. Government, non-profits, schools, co-operatives, and businesses are invited to send adults and youth. Inter-generational groups of adults, youth and children are encouraged to register.

Activities and Workshops:  

Our 2018 Agenda will be posted in early September.

Friday, September 28 from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm will be a Continuing Education and Pro-D Day full of excellent Inclusive Leadership workshops offered by experienced Inclusive Leaders.

From 4:00 Friday Sept 28 to 2:00 pm Sunday Sept 30 there will be diverse opportunities for exploring, sharing, and celebrating the many different ways Inclusive Leadership are transforming our communities in inclusive, welcoming and life-enriching ways by embracing diversity.

To get an idea of what will be offered:

Click here for a look at our Agenda from 2017: Overview Agenda 2017

Click here for descriptions of workshops and facilitators from 2017.

Participation Fees:

The Inclusive Leadership Co-operative keeps costs as low as possible by running on the spirit of generosity. You may have heard the “stone-soup” story where the inhabitants of a poor village managed to make a tasty and nourishing pot-luck soup by everyone contributing a little bit of this and a little bit of that. We apply this stone-soup metaphor to cover the costs of our Inclusive Leadership Gathering so that everyone who wants to come can come.

  • Each person coming is asked to contribute what you can comfortably afford toward the costs of food and accommodation
  • The Inclusive Leadership Co-operative seeks financial support from generous people and organizations who value diversity.
  • We ask participants to seek financial support from your employer, family, school, community organizations you belong to, service clubs and socially responsible businesses.

We invite you to keep the spirit of generosity and the stone soup story in mind as you review these costs for our September 28 to 30 Inclusive Leadership Gathering and decide what is comfortably affordable for you and the people you are bringing with you. We also appreciate everyone’s help with fund-raising, seeking sponsorships and helping sponsor people who face financial barriers. We have found over and over again that by all of us sharing the spirit of generosity in these ways, we always manage to cover the costs for everyone who wants to come.

Here are the costs for adults. Costs for youth are 1/2 these adult fees. Costs for children are 1/3 these adult fees.

All Inclusive Costs for 3 days and 2 nights from 9 am Friday, Sept 28 to 2:00 pm Sunday Sept 30 include 7 delicious meals, 2 nights comfortable accommodation, all materials and supplies, and life-guards at our beautiful Cowichan Lake Education Centre venue.

  • Commuting: $250
  • Dormitory: $325
  • Shared room: $375
  • Private room: $475

The cost for 2 days is $100 plus $25 per meal plus accommodation

  • Not staying overnight: no extra cost
  • Dormitory: $40
  • Shared room: $70
  • Private room: $125

The cost for 1 day or part of one day is $75 plus $25 per meal

All generations are welcome:  The inter-generational aspect of Inclusive Leadership is so rewarding! We welcome groups of children/youth and adult mentors to come together. We also welcome post-secondary students and young adults to come on your own.



Child-Minding: We will support you with child-minding by offering active child-and-youth-friendly alternatives to choose during workshop sessions. Inclusive Leadership Gatherings can easily include your whole family age 0 to 90!

earth-charter-102Diverse Abilities: Our diverse abilities are gifts that enrich our communities and the wider world! Cowichan Lake Education Centre is a very accessible venue and Inclusive Leaders know that sharing leadership is the key to planning for an accessible and meaningful experience for everyone. Please phone or email us to discuss whatever accommodations and supports you require for yourself or someone who is coming with you.




Click here to learn more about our Global Framework – The International Earth Charter.

Click here for comments from Past Participants


Photos from some of our past Inclusive Leadership Gatherings

A Post With A Surprise Ending

This post about what a new Inclusive Leader, Megan Carrigan, experienced at an Inclusive Leadership Co-operative Gathering in 2017 has a surprise ending so be sure to read all the way through.


First though, our Sept 28 to 29, 2018 Annual Inclusive Leadership Gathering on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada is for new and experienced Inclusive Leaders, our families, friends, colleagues, students and everyone who is involved in transforming communities by embracing diversity. We hope can join us for one, two or all three days!  Click here for more information. 

Now back to Megan: Megan found the courage to sign up for the 2017 Inclusive Leadership gathering because she was already used to practicing an essential Inclusive Leadership skill which is the art of showing up. Throughout her life, Megan has always managed to find the internal resources within herself to keep showing up at school and at supportive community organizations despite dealing with seizures that can literally throw her to the ground any time any day of the week.

Epilepsy affects people of all ages, cultures, and walks of life. This wide spectrum of people experience an equally wide spectrum of problems with their neurological disorders. While physical problems such as seizures, spasms and injuries occur, another common side effect includes damage to personal confidence and self esteem. Megan has faced all these struggles with creative determination to keep showing up in supportive places with supportive people.

Megan was invited to the ILC Annual Gathering in June 2017 by two of her mentors from the Victoria Epilepsy and Parkinson’s Centre. They found her a partial sponsorship and encouraged her to come with them.

It was a really cool event,” said Megan. “When we went, there were a bunch of different activities, and a bunch of people with a large age range and from different places.  We had meals and went from one course to another course or activity all day long for three days. We did a lot of different things, and learned how to work with other people better.”

Workshops and activities varied from motivational stories, to Anti-Discrimination first aid courses, and Inclusive Leadership skill-building workshops. “For example, in one of the classes we shared things about ourselves and what we’d like to change, and how we think this would help us in our future. The facilitator taught me a lot about leadership and helped me learn how to organize myself better.  I was trying to just do things too fast. She taught me to schedule by doing it at my own pace and doing it well.”

Megan found the people she met while socializing and celebrating to be as inspiring as the workshops. There were group activities, games, and a celebratory talent show on Saturday evening. I read read a poem about my first seizure that I had published in a book. Others sang, played guitar and danced. I just had a really good time. The people and the classes I went to were very interesting and helpful, and everyone was fun to be with.”

Megan learned that being an Inclusive Leader means putting skills for connecting with different people, communicating with compassion and standing up for diversity into practice in her daily life. “I use my new skills everyday, whether organizing activities for the places I volunteer or in my social sciences courses at college.”

Here is the surprise ending:

Megan was one of ten new Inclusive Leaders who was invited to co-facilitate the Inclusive Leadership Co-operative’s Feb 2018 Inclusive Leadership Adventure for 55 emerging and experienced Inclusive Leaders from diverse backgrounds. She applied her newly learned Inclusive Leadership skills throughout this weekend of co-facilitating as well as participating in experiential Inclusive Leadership education.  Megan co-facilitated co-operative games, creative arts projects, leadership presentations, Heart to Heart discussion groups, awareness building activities, and outdoor challenges. She had a awesome experience and learned more skills that she is now applying everywhere she lives, learns and leads in her community! We look forward to Megan returning to our 2018 Inclusive Leadership Co-operative Annual Gathering in September to continue her Inclusive Leadership Development!


We Do Not Have to Start Big to Touch Lives

Submitted by Chuks Okoriekwe.

I am Chuks Okoriekwe, a lawyer in Nigeria who loves adventure. This photo was taken at the McKinney Roughs Natural Park in Cedar Creek, Texas when I visited Austin, Texas last year. I consider myself a social engineer using the instrument of the law to heal and transform societies, one at a time.

Growing up in a family of seven has taught me to appreciate bonds in family, devotion and looking out for people. I have learned to appreciate the little I have without losing sight of striving for something better. In the process, I have also learned that looking out for others could be soothing.

My goal, in taking the “Discover Your Inclusive Leadership Potential” Online course, is forming a bond to heal the world of hate, discrimination and violence through love, kindness and affection. I am also taking an Earth Charter Leadership course. The Earth Charter has been a very valuable document in preserving the earth. If only all its principles could be implemented, we’d have a more sustainable place to live in.

I found the introductions in the First Module of the Inclusive Leadership course to be indeed inspiring. For example, Paul Atsu’s strides in innovation for agribusiness business are enlightening and worthy of emulation. I’m also impressed with Stanley Daniel’s efforts at revitalizing his indigenous language in Canada. Indigenous languages are at the brink of extinction if not passed on to the next generation. Similar challenges are faced in Africa (due to the adoption of ‘western’ culture) but gradually we are seeing a new wave of young and dynamic people promoting the sustainability of the language culture. Young people are blazing the trail in providing solutions to the problems facing the world today.

The next module in the Inclusive Leadership course described the Building Bridges steps which are never ending. One must continue to build bridges across to those we consider different from us. It is never enough to allow societal prejudices to define a set of people. We must all understand that first and foremost, we are all human and no one made a choice of where or how to be born. One of my fellow participants, Graham Fielding shared how he used to believe that “someone would always be there to care of issues when they arise.” He is not alone in these thoughts. I was once that way, believing this myth without the urge to be an active participant in changing what I felt strongly against in my own little way.

I would say that my ‘transformation’ started as an undergraduate law student, when we were exposed to series of challenging national issues including violations of human rights at various levels despite legal safeguards. People were either unaware of these safeguards or were not informed enough to take action. At that point, I realized that it wasn’t enough to simply sit back in my comfort zone whilst others continue to suffer deprivation. More so, if nothing was done, the challenge would soon become a leviathan consuming anything and everything on its path.

It is particularly striking to see young people who have been awaiting trial for years in prisons without their cases being called up in court. Some have also spent more years than they would have served if convicted for the alleged offence(s). All these were due to the slow pace of the justice system. In Nigeria, judges are overwhelmed with the number of cases.

To become a solution which I desired and understanding that I’ve been armed with the knowledge of the law, I joined forces with some friends (at different levels) and we carried out human rights sensitization exercises. We also offered pro-bono ‘legal’ assistance to those who couldn’t afford the services of legal practitioners. One of the strategies we used was to create a radio drama series in pidgin-English (first of its kind!) to educate as well as entertain people on their rights and corresponding obligations (what they need to do when their rights are infringed).

Our little efforts recorded some successes! In addition to our regular pro-bono advisory services we offer to indigent people, we were able to secure the release of two inmates who were unlawfully detained. For me and my colleagues the joy we derived in seeing smiles on the faces of people being reunited with their loved ones was enough compensation for our time and resources spent on the project.

This story is a pointer to the fact that we do not have to start big to touch lives. If we could each decide to take action in our little ways, we’ll cause enough ripples that will change the course of history. I hope to share more of my stories and adventures with everyone while participating in the Inclusive Leadership Community.

Discovering New Ideas About Inclusive Leadership

I am Paul Atsu, a youth leader, a thinker and communication expert in Ghana, Africa with a special focus on Agribusiness/ Agriculture. I began the Discover Your Inclusive Leadership Potential Online Course ready to learn from my fellow leaders.

My hope is that as we learn more from each other here, the impact will be to make a world a better place for our generation.

I believe the future is the Earth and the Earth is our future. I am currently doing a masters programme in Agribusiness at the University of Ghana in Legon, Ghana. I am the CEO of IncubationTv that aims to be an information and knowledge sharing hub for sustainable agribusiness development in Africa. We promote youth in Ghana and other African Countries taking the lead to start up their own agribusinesses. What agriculture produces is driven by consumer demand. The composition of meals changes gradually as lifestyles change. Cereals are still by far the most important source of total food consumption: In developing countries the consumption of cereals 30 years ago represented 61% of total calories. It decreased to 56% nowadays, reflecting diet diversification and as more countries achieve higher levels of nutrition. It is expected that cereals will continue to supply more than 50% of the food consumed in the foreseeable future. A large proportion of cereals is produced for animal feed. Food production from the livestock sector includes meat (beef, pork, poultry, etc.), dairy production and eggs.

This Inclusive Leadership course is a discovery of new ideas about leadership within a wonderful learning process with practical information and questions, meditation, and journaling. The information and questions in this course develop our ability to stay aware of our emotions and manage our behavior, social awareness and relationship management skills. We are learning to more accurately perceive our own tendencies and develop the social competence to understand other people’s moods, behavior, and motives.

An example of practical information and questions is the module on networking, or the art showing up. For me, the art of showing up is basically going and learning a new things; information, knowledge, and ideas. Showing up in our roles of supporting and encouraging others who are looking up to us is a key to personal and global leadership development. For example, if a day goes by in which I do not post anything on my on my Social Media Page or Wall concerning agriculture or Agribusiness development, then someone who supports me may personally send me a message to find out what is happening to me. That message alone gives me more courage and hope that someone out there is learning and is inspired by my works and helps me know that I must be able to show up anytime. By networking with others and information sharing, we will all learn more about caring for the environment in ways that have sustainable impacts in our communities, the business world and the wider world.

Meditation is also part of this course and is such an important pillar in one’s life. Visualization, manifesting and seeing what is happening despite the stress of situations will always grow you as a leader to high altitudes. Once you know and accept your potential, then you will end up being a quality leader and change maker in your community, city and the world. For example, during Module 3, as I meditated on the Earth Charter, I discovered the difference the Earth makes by sharing the basics that everyone needs. In agriculture we are very aware that “you may not leave a full day without water or food.” and that the main source of food for the population of the world is agriculture.

The Discover Your Inclusive Leadership Potential course encourages participants to keep journals. The documentation process of journaling involves putting our thoughts and ideas together to develop good communication and listening skills. This maintains a high standard of discussions as we access the course Discussion Forum to read each others works. This directs us toward impactful ideas for creating sustainability on Earth for our generation. In my journaling and in the discussion forums have been thinking and writing about Inclusive Leadership in agriculture, agricultural irrigation, and livestock husbandry. As the population keeps increasing, more food and livestock feed need to be produced in the future and more water applied to this purpose to feed the world.

The course flexibility and positiveness reminds me to remind myself and my fellow leaders to trust ourselves. From this trust comes the basic of understanding how important and wonderful we each are in this Planet.

To contact Paul:

Two ways to enroll in Discover Your Inclusive Leadership Potential Online Education:

  • Self Guided Version begins as soon as you register
  • Next Guided Group Expedition begins October 1, 2018


You Matter To Me

submitted by Stan Daniels

A bullet would be a kinder death.

In this day and age social media is so accessible and we can post anything and say anything. People often don’t realize just how much impact their words can have on another person.  Although you do not die physically from words spoken, some folks actually die in spirit, and it grows and grows for a lot of folks to the point that people aren’t living anymore. Resigned to a life of depression and isolation, or anxiety. Living whole lives not feeling connected: folks turn to alcohol and drugs to help sooth the pain.

I do not condone violence or gun violence in anyway, especially in light of all the violence down south. And it’s precisely because of how reckless people are with weapons, that I draw my comparison to guns and words. People use their words as weapons. And just as recklessly. And so in desperation and hopelessness, I ask , would a bullet be kinder?

Definitely not. But whereas a bullet may kill instantly, the pain from words can last a lifetime. How many of us remember the first time we were called ugly or stupid or fat or dumb or worthless or useless. The words and feelings stuck.

But just as negative words can stick, so can words of love and hope. Every day as conversations of unity and Secwepemc unity are thrown around I ask :
What does unity look like ?
What does unity look like for the Secwepemc Nation?
What does unity look like for my Canim Lake community?
What does unity look like for my family ?

I know that with the compassionate communication involved in being an Inclusive Leader, unity includes:

  • Being heard.
  • Being included .
  • Recognizing differences as strengths.
  • Recognizing individual differences as a collective strength.
  • Having respect for one another.
  • Having integrity.
  • Building trust.
  • Being there and showing up.

It is with the intention of ensuring everyone feels heard and included that I do all my work. Letting everyone know that they matter and their voice and story deserves to be heard , that I support everyone , not just some. I see people of all status and power levels as the same. I would hope my kindness shows up the same in every interaction. We tend to see folks through lenses and forget that we are all human and have very human needs, and everything we do serves those needs.

It hurts me to see our folks so divided, but it also excites me. In challenging situations, there is an opportunity. At the end of the day, we are all human, and we need more folks encouraging one another than criticizing each other. Light is more powerful than darkness Love is more powerful than hate. Give peace a chance. Let go of what does not serve you. When we talk about community development, unity , governance , self governance, administration or anything involving people please consider this first : E kwenmintmes es tsilems…Tsuk ren tsetswe7 me7 nekenwentmes. – if it is to be, it is up to me . Good policy begins in the home.

Be the change you wish to see in the world 🙂

(Stan has been involved in the Inclusive Leadership Community for over 15 years now, since the age of fourteen. He is a member of the Tsqescen community in the Shuswap Nation, British Columbia, Canada. He is a currently a student of Nicola Valley Institute of Technology, studying Chemical Addictions Counselling.  He has three siblings, is the uncle of two beautiful nieces and family is VERY important to him. Stan is participating and mentoring in the “Discover Your Inclusive Leadership Potential Online Course”)