De-Stressing Learning Environments

destressing-titleHeadway – Victoria, BC, Canada’s Epilepsy and Parkinson’s Centre and the Inclusive Leadership Co-operative recently teamed up with each other and with a dynamic group of educators, parents and volunteers for a day-long exploration of: 

  • img_6187How can our homes and our classrooms become relaxed, inclusive learning environments for all students and all educators – including teachers and parents?
  • How can educators, educational assistants, and parents support all students – including students with epilepsy and other chronic health conditions – to feel equally welcomed to belong, to learn, and to contribute?

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Inclusive Leaders from Canim Lake BC

img_1221Outreach worker, Stanley Daniels, and a team of youth leaders from Canim Lake in the Shuswap Territory of BC, Canada will be participating in Cultivating Inclusive Leadership February 24 to 26, 2017. Canim Lake has been sending intergenerational groups of youth and mentors to Inclusive Leadership weekends since 2003.

In a blog post from 2015, Stanley shared what Inclusive Leadership means to him.  “Even though we are all different, we share a common theme of wanting to belong and having gifts to offer to one another. We all matter. Inclusive Leadership has given me the skills and motivation to do the work that not a lot of people can do. I can connect with people who would otherwise be cast aside; people who mainstream society has left behind or tossed away. I have helped people who have no one to go to. I have been told that I have saved lives, just by being there when no one else was.”

 Click here for more comments about the impact of participating in Inclusive Leadership. 


Inclusive Leadership Skill-Building weekend 2015

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Syrian Artists: Ethical Witnesses From Behind the Lines

img_6234Behind the Lines – Contemporary Syrian Art is travelling across Canada in 2016 and 2017 with two stops in the Cowichan Valley, Vancouver Island,BC: Duncan United Church until Dec 2, then Brentwood School Dec 10 to 17.

Syrian Artist – Humam Alsalim and Penticton Art Gallery Curator – Paul Crawford collaborated via the internet to arrange for behind-the-lines100 works of art by 18 Syrian Artists to be secretly sent out from behind the lines of the Syrian War to be exhibited at the Penticton Art Gallery.

“Over the last year I could have never predicted or even fathomed how relevant this show would become due to the change in our government and the influx of all these Syrian refugees to our communities,” Crawford says.  Behind the Lines is now travelling across Canada with two stops in the Cowichan Valley, Vancouver Island,BC from November 28 to December 17. Contact Paul Crawford for the complete schedule of the Behind the Lines Exhibition.

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An Ethical Witness in Action: Fran Hunt-Jinnouchi

The Inclusive Leadership skill of Ethical Witnessing involves addressing injustice by …“coming to the table with creative solutions or providing a space where we can find those resolutions together.” (Fran Hunt-Jinnouchi). This post by Christy Tweedy honours Fran Hunt-Jinnouchi as an active ethical witness and advocate for social and ecological change. Fran is a natural community builder and an inspiring role model for co-operation and ethical consciousness.

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Multicultural Leaders Nominated for a BC Multicultural Award


MLGers learning to be Youth Ambassadors in Elementary Schools

Cowichan Intercultural Society’s Multicultural Leadership Group (MLG) has been nominated for a British Columbia Multicultural Award!  On Friday, November 18th, Linda McDaniels, MLG Co-ordinator, will travel to Vancouver, BC to meet hundreds of other multicultural champions. The Government of BC is celebrating and applauding their combined efforts toward making the province of BC a more inclusive place to live.

Click here to view highlights from the 2015 BC Multicultural Awards Ceremony.

Are you helping to transform your community in inclusive and welcoming ways by embracing diversity and standing up for inclusion? Let us know at  We would love to hear your news.

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Greetings from Elke Cole: Natural Builder of Sustainable Communities


Elke Cole and other participants at Inclusive Leadership in 2011

Inclusive Leader, Elke Cole, writes from Cameroon about the Feb 24 to 26, 2017 Cultivating Inclusive Leadership weekend,

“Sounds wonderful. Such teaching is so important everywhere. I do hope that what I’ve learned has helped me.” elke-cole

Elke travels between Africa, Europe and Canada – supporting leadership development and positive change through Natural Design, Natural Building, and inclusive Community-Building workshops.  While the ILC is getting ready to Cultivate Inclusive Leadership in Canada Feb 24 to 26, 2016, Elke will be resting up after a Feb 14 to 18, 2017 Natural Building Workshop at Porini Permaculture in Kenya.…/natural-plaster-workshop-kenya/