Remembering Dave Barrett 1930 to 2017

submitted by Linda Hill

Dave Barrett, the “people’s premier” who was “champion of the little guy” died last night. I invite you to take a few moments to learn about or remember the magnificence of this down-to-earth Inclusive Leader who worked tirelessly for social and environmental justice his whole life.

From 1972 to 1975, he was the head of a revolutionary socialist government in BC, Canada,. For three short years, his government passed a new law every three days, aiming to make sure that there was justice for everybody in BC.

Dave and his fellow change-makers didn’t worry about whether or not they would be re-elected (and they weren’t). They simply went about making the changes they had been visioning and researching for decades because doing the right thing was more important than staying in power. Continue reading

Discover Your Inclusive Leadership Potential Online Course

The Inclusive Leadership Co-operative invites you to join Dr. Linda Hill and many other compassionate and courageous Inclusive Leaders from around the world in our new on-line continuing education certificate course:

Discover Your Inclusive Leadership Potential

  • Choose our guided group expedition March 1 to May 3, 2018 (40 hours over 10 weeks)
  • or our self-guided journey (30 hours beginning as soon as you enroll with up to 6 months to complete)

For detailed course information and to register go to:

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Parents and Teens Will Become Human: Resistance is Futile

Submitted by Cathy Gilbert

(Cathy is an Educational Assistant, a very magnificent Parent of a very large and very diverse family, and an Inclusive Leader who serves on the ILC Board of Directors. Therefore she is HIGHLY qualified to submit this blog post about inter-generational bridge-building. And she is a fabulous writer – read on!).

The Gilbert Family

So it’s like this. You are parenting a teenager. Maybe you are one of the lucky ones. Your teen is compliant, loving (towards you and others), attends school and is successful, has at least one extra-curricular activity and is not smoking (anything), drinking (and yes I mean alcohol) or doing any other drugs that they shouldn’t be. (And that includes drinking cough medicine when they don’t actually have a cough which is apparently a thing). Continue reading

Us and Them: Transformation Through Human Connection

Submitted by Michelle Staples, Social Planning Cowichan

(Michelle Staples is an elected member of Duncan City Council, Executive Director of Social Planning Cowichan and an Inclusive Leader in the Cowichan Valley, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada.)

Filmed over a decade, US AND THEM is a deeply visceral film about transformation through human connection.

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Transforming Communities Through Inclusive Team Building Games

submitted by Katie Sayers

For the past couple of months, I have had the pleasure of working in the International Department at Vancouver Island University, Nanaimo, BC, Canada. During the International Student Orientation that welcomed students from across the world to VIU, I seized an opportunity to practice Inclusive Leadership Skills in action!

The goals were for students to build a sense of community, make new friends and feel more at home at VIU and in the Vancouver Island community. Continue reading

It Takes A Village to Raise An Inclusive Leadership Adventure

Our upcoming Inclusive Leadership Adventure, Feb 23 to 25 on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada is full to the brim with intergenerational/intercultural teams of youth, young adults, adults and elders. Sixty youth, young adults, adults and elders from diverse backgrounds are excitedly preparing to develop our skills, awareness, and action plans for building welcoming and inclusive communities based on respect for diversity.

Can you help financially?

We are seeking your help because it takes a village to cover the costs of $300 for adults and $200 for youth for food, accommodation, venue rental, insurance, materials and supplies. You may have heard the “stone-soup” story where the people of a poor village managed to organize a pot-luck party by everyone contributing a little bit of this and a little bit of that. By sharing leadership, villagers transformed a soup – that began with a stone in a pot of cold water  – into an incredible feast filled with wonderful food, music, and joy.

This is how we are sharing leadership in organizing this upcoming Inclusive Leadership Adventure. Everyone who is coming is contributing a little bit of this and a little bit of that – especially our volunteer time, energy, leadership skills, talents, passions, concerns, creativity, and open minds. One of our teams is a group of trained and experienced volunteers aged 12 to 75 who will be co-facilitating our highly effective, researched-based Inclusive Leadership Adventure curriculum. All of us are also contributing as much money as we can each comfortably afford toward the food and accommodation costs.

In addition, we are seeking financial help from throughout our “village.” We are asking you and your service clubs, co-operatives, businesses, government departments, schools, families, friends and colleagues to help sponsor participants who face financial barriers.

If you can help, simply email us at

What is the impact of your contribution?

Here are two short video messages from two Inclusive Leaders that express the excitement, inspiration,  hope and skills that come out of each Inclusive Leadership Adventure.


Inclusive Leadership: A Foundation for Human Rights

Submitted by Rachel Singleton-Polster

Being a participant in Inclusive Leadership Adventures was very formative for me in my teenage years.

The skills I learned of empathetic listening, of respectful communication and of accessibility and inclusiveness for all were key as I went forward to pursue my passion in social justice and human rights work.

The Inclusive Leadership foundation, and network of friendships, has helped me professionally and personally, and I would recommend involvement in Inclusive Leadership experiential education weekends or Inclusive Leadership Online Learning to anyone looking to broaden their world view Continue reading