Inclusive Leadership Adventures: Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging!

What if we could shift away from viewing differences as problems? What if we could appreciate the magnificent diversity within all living beings as gifts that enrich our families, schools, communities and the world? What if we could live, learn and lead more inclusively in our diverse communities? These questions guided our Inclusive Leadership Adventure on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada April 12 to 14, 2019. You are invited to scroll down to read the full photo-story. Pictures say thousands of words.

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Changing the World From the Inside Out

Submitted by Obinna Echendu

My name is Obinna Echendu, I am a social entrepreneur interested in tackling poverty, and I hale from Lagos, Nigeria. I have been passionately driven by the ambitious dream to end poverty or reduce it drastically in Africa. Poverty is a wicked problem that leads to other problems like hunger, illiteracy, corruption and a broad range of other issues highlighted in the UN SDG agenda 2030. My childhood experiences helped me realize that there is a huge economic and opportunity gap that exists between the haves and the have-nots. Poverty almost cost me my education, until one of my early days volunteering service motivated me to solve this challenge. My major work in the past years has been focusing on helping to tackle poverty in-person and through technology across south-west Nigeria. I am finding the Inclusive Leadership Co-operative’s online journey “Discover Your Inclusive Leadership Potential” to be a mind-blowing opportunity to acquire new Inclusive Leadership skills, while improving on the skills that I brought with me to this course.

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Why Is Inclusive Leadership Education So Important?

submitted by Linda Hill

I’ve been working over-time and more for a few months now, guiding an Inclusive Leadership Adventure and two Inclusive Leadership online experiences at once. I find it so exciting, energizing and encouraging to be with experienced and emerging Inclusive Leaders from diverse generations, cultures, and other backgrounds. What an incredible daily life I have, sharing leadership with people who are so dedicated to developing skills, awareness and action plans for transforming ourselves and our communities by embracing diversity. However, after close to twenty years of Participatory Action Research and Education, involving thousands of new and experienced Inclusive Leaders, I sometimes feel exhausted by the effort involved in co-ordinating the Inclusive Leadership Co-operative. Sometimes I ask myself: “Why is Inclusive Leadership Education so darned important?” Continue reading

Inclusive Leaders Stand Up For Cyber-Safety

submitted by Linda Hill

On February 27 Pink Shirt Day in 2019,  Inclusive Leader Valerie Townsend and I facilitated a Win-Win Quiz Show in the Cowichan Valley, Vancouver Island BC about preventing and stopping cyberbullying. Congratulations to all the teams from Clements Centre who shared so many great answers. These tips that we researched and discussed about how to stand up for Cyber-Safety will be helpful to Inclusive Leaders everywhere.

Clements Centre is a bully-free zone every day of the year

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The Art of Listening

Inclusive Leadership is an ongoing journey of transforming ourselves and our communities by cultivating skills for building bridges to equality, connecting with differences, communicating with compassion, and responding to hurtful situations with Anti-Discrimination First Aid. Relaxed, open-hearted, open-minded listening anchors these skills for embracing diversity.

Thank you to Inclusive Leader, Janice M for sharing this excellent post slightly adapted from your equally excellent article:


by Janice M

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Global Student Strike to Address Climate Change

‘No jobs on a dead planet’: Students around the world strike for more action on climate change

Submitted by Linda Hill

Friday’s Global Student Strike to Address Climate Change showed so clearly that our wonderful world is at a social tipping point as well as a biological tipping point. Although at least one student carried a sign saying “I don’t want to give you hope, I want you to panic,” I am hopeful. To me the events of Friday, March 15 are the visible tip of a magnificent, multi-faceted movement that – like an iceberg – is mostly invisible.

How many people do these millions of students and allies represent? In my opinion, these activists represent an estimated three billion people (half of the population of the world) who are actively engaged day in and day out doing what we can to put a stop to the on-going industrialization of our precious planet. Continue reading


Submitted by Linda Hill

International Women’s Day is just around the corner on Friday March 8, 2019. Communities around the world celebrate International Women’s Day in so many different ways. Where will you show up and how will you celebrate this special day? In my community, of the Cowichan Region, BC, Canada hundreds of us will gather in Duncan Town Square at noon to rise up and dance on behalf of equality between men and women.

As this special day approaches, I am forever grateful to women such as my Grandmother Audrey Jackson, journalist Nellie McClung and so many more women and men who have been tireless is their advocacy for a world based on safety, respect, equality and freedom for all genders and all generations.

Here is a quote from Nellie that can be found in the 2016 book:  The Valiant Nellie McClung (by Barbara Smith and Nellie McClung) and here is a short video that brings this quote to life for me.

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