Developing Communication Skills

A six week course for anyone in the Inclusive Leadership community committed to developing communication skills for building mutually supportive relationships at work and at home.

Participants will practice:
Setting an intention
Becoming aware of how my thinking impacts my words and actions
Building the practice of Self-empathy
Develop an authentic connection
Reflecting back or asking for reflection
Understanding what is important to each party
Practicing listening to diverse perspectives
Developing space between stimulus and response
Setting clear boundaries
Distinguishing true feelings from interpretations/thoughts
Giving and receiving feedback
Building a practice of gratitude and appreciation

Starts: First session – Wednesday, January 20th
Last session – Wednesday February 24
from 9:30am to 11:30am PST.
Facilitators: ILC members, Betty Doherty and Raj Gill.

To register: email Raj Gill at and Betty Doherty at:
raj.gill @
bdoherty1 @ (remove spaces when emailing)
stating what you hope to get out of the course and what you are willing to contribute to the group.  Please plan to attend all 6 sessions and practice the skills in between.  We want this course to meet your needs, so the more you practice and bring real life examples to explore, the more we will all learn.  This course is about sharing together our experiences of communication and learning to connect more effectively.

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