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submitted by Lynn Smith

“Monday Morning Music” is my biggest joy each week! For a little over an hour each Monday morning there is a hall in our small town of Duncan, BC, Canada that just rocks with friendship, companionship and music—lots of music!

What does “Monday Morning Music” look like? Visualize a back-up band of professional musicians – could be a country band, or a rock band – it doesn’t matter as these guys can play most any style of music you like! We have a fantastic keyboard player, a rocking lead guitarist, and a bass guitarist who has a million songs tucked in his back pocket. Picture me standing on stage and looking out at a sea of happy faces, all potential star performers. I love this participatory audience of about a hundred people who come every week to sing along, dance, and perform. Members of the audience are invited to come to the microphone, choose a song they would like to sing, and away we go! Can you see my heart soaring with gratitude to see how music unites and brings together such a diverse group of people? Continue reading

Stand Up For Inclusion

By Linda McDaniels

(Reprinted with permission from Cowichan Valley Voice, March 2017, Issue 100 Page 42)

LInda McDaniels is a founding member of with the Inclusive Leadership Co-operative and is a role model for Inclusive Leaders everywhere for thinking globally and acting locally.

On a global, national, and local scale we are seeing a rise in discrimination, unjust practices, violence, and hateful behaviors that are targeted towards people based on differences such as race, faith, gender, sexual orientation, ability, and economic circumstances. There is no time more relevant than now to seek ways to stand up, and stand together, so we can address these divisive and distressing issues. Continue reading

Outcomes of Cultivating Inclusive Leadership

earth-charter-102This is the 15th year that members of the Inclusive Leadership Co-operative have invited new and experienced Inclusive Leaders from diverse generations, cultures, and other backgrounds to participate in our annual Pro-D Day (Feb 24, 2017) or 3 day weekend (Feb 24-26, 2017) of experiential education in Cultivating Inclusive Leadership. 

As you consider this invitation you may be wondering about what the outcomes of Cultivating Inclusive Leadership might be for you and your group. Continue reading

Inclusive Leadership Puzzles

img_6242Inclusive Leader, Linda McDaniels and inter-generational teams of Ambassadors from Cowichan Intercultural Society are guiding students in School District 79 Elementary Schools to bring their differences together in inclusive and welcoming ways.

Here is what the students learn as they create a giant Inclusive Leadership jigsaw puzzle together. Continue reading

A Human Approach to World Peace


“I am sure that many people share my concern about the present worldwide moral crisis and will join in my appeal to all humanitarians and religious practitioners who also share this concern to help make our societies more compassionate, just, and equitable.”  (Dalai Lama)

 Click here to read: A Human Approach to World Peace by the Dalai Lama

Continue reading