Inclusive Leadership is a New Frontier

Submitted by Chapman Msowoya

My name is Chapman Msowoya. I live in Mpika,  Zambia, Africa with a dream to build a society that works for all people regardless of their ability.

I am so grateful to be sponsored by the Inclusive Leadership Cooperative to participate in two online courses. Both are rare opportunities for working towards my vision of creating a communities filled with peace, love and harmony for all people through our unique differences.

Throughout my life, I have been in constant observation of myself and planet Earth. In 2017 I had a wake up call when I realized that over 3 billion people on earth are living in poverty and our worldwide natural environment is at risk. I said: “Enough is enough. I’m taking a stand for a world that works for all people.” I remember sharing my ambitions with a university friend who was visually impaired. My friend Francis shared his passion for music and told me he had a vision to create a music-based organization called “Fountain of Good Sounds”. I fell in love with this and since I am so much into football, I told him I would create an organization called the “Fountain of Good Sports”.

From this interaction the not-for-profit organization, ‘Fountain of Good Sport Community Foundation’ (FOGS) was registered in 2018. Our mission is to use sports to empower people to use their gifts  to pursue peace, love, harmony and create a world where everyone is celebrated as a unique creation. My goal is to bring together 4000 young people by the year 2030 to take charge of their lives and utilize their unlimited potential to empower communities to become sustainable by embracing diversity. For now I feel the Inclusive Leadership platform is a starting point for my dream to unfold.

My Inclusive Leadership quest is opening my mind to a new frontier; a new way of being the change we want to see in the world. This is an approach to community development that is focused on seeing differences as strengths. From the first journaling activity and the first Heart-to-Heart video meeting, I began learning about listening with appreciation without jumping into conclusions or my own interpretations. I began learning and practicing skills for building bridges, following the Earth Charter principles, connecting with people’s differences and working in collaboration. When I got to Raj Gill’s module on learning to communicate with compassion, I learned how to determine the purpose of a conversation by asking myself, “What is it I want to get out of this conversation?” The key skills include listening carefully to what the other party is saying and responding with empathy.

What matters the most to me about participating in this online quest is discovering who I truly am and putting into practice what I learn to make an impact in my immediate community and the world at large. As Inclusive Leaders we learn to create change within ourselves and influence our immediate environments such as friends and family, We then grow our influence by partnering with other local stakeholders like the local government to impact the region. Inclusive Leadership involves becoming aware of ourselves, developing daily practices for balance and harmony, and having a community of Inclusive Leaders to practice with. In inclusive leadership, we are all leaders, sharing experiences, carrying each others burdens, and changing ourselves before we change the outside world.

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