What If We Boldly Push Inclusive Leadership Forward?

submitted by Beat Odermatt, Founder, owner and operator of U-Can International School, Uganda

What if we use the principles that Inclusive Leadership is built on and push forward boldly? 

The development of Inclusive Leadership Education is awesome. I want to see this beautiful online program expand and become a major vehicle for teaching Inclusive Leadership around the world.

There have been many years of dedicated effort to put together such a well thought out step-by-step understanding of inclusive leadership. I want to applaud and honor all the dedication and commitment that many people have made.

I love this statement from the Inclusive Leadership Co-operative website history page: “Together we are building an international community of Inclusive Leaders who are transforming communities by embracing diversity in all living beings as gifts that enrich communities.”  This vision statement is so ambitious, so on track for what our world needs. The Inclusive Leadership Cooperative has designed a precious treasure that can change lives, change communities.

I truly believe you have developed something that needs to be spread far and wide. Now we must find a way to bring this to more people, everywhere. It would be a pity if this material remains unknown and unused.

I am trying to envision how we can promote the online course. We need to have a dynamic promotional program that opens doors around the world.

What better gift can we give our children than to teach them what it means to be inclusive in regard to their fellow human beings and in regard to the world around them?

As a first step, I want to use my school as a test laboratory to see how we can scale the implementation to group settings.What if we use the principles that Inclusive Leadership is built on and push forward boldly to share the vision that you have developed?We won’t always know where we are going, we may make some mistakes, we may not always see things the same way – however I think we can agree that our situation is urgent. My generation has managed to mess up so much of the world. As I look around Uganda and see what is going on I have to say there is almost no effort being made to look after the environment. We can’t continue the way we are going for another 20 years.

If our young people can learn a better way we owe it to them. As Greta Thunberg recently said, “The eyes of all future generations are upon you. And if you choose to fail us, I say – we will never forgive you.”  (UN Climate Summit, New York, 23 September 2019)

Sometimes it does take a sense of urgency to help us take the unknown leap. I believe that we can and must make a difference. I don’t want my children, Greta’s generation, saying that we have failed them!

I am passionate about making this program available on a much broader basis than it currently is here in Africa. I am passionate that we need to give people a meaningful type of diploma or certificate that will be something that is recognized as a clear competency in the field of Inclusive Leadership. I am passionate that we develop a program that is sought after by teachers, civic leaders, government departments and most of all our young adults.

I think we all want to be enablers of our youth. I believe that by working together, the Inclusive Leadership program will become unstoppable.

“Let me end with these words from Greta Thunberg: “The moment we decide to fulfill something, we can do anything.” – Houses of Parliament, UK, 23 April 2019