ILC Members in Action

Here are our ILC members who are are putting the Inclusive Leadership Co-operative’s vision, mission, methodology, and values into action in many different ways.

In alphabetical order (last names):

Lindsay Beal (coordinator & director)
Cathy Gilbert (director)
Tara Jordan (director)
Nola Landucci (director)
Susan Norris (director)
Donna Sassaman (director)

Founding Members:
Kix Citton
Glaucia Desrochers
Marlee Dunlop
Raj Gill
Linda Hill
Melissa Parker
John Scull   (May 10, 1943 – July 24, 2020)

Seyi Alawuh
Terri Beaton
Gillian Berry
Alan Cundall
Stan Daniels
Betty Doherty
Neil Dolan
Tina Fabbro
Brandy Gallagher
Harriet Greenwood
CM Justice
Rod Keays
Lillie Lentz
Amy Matamba
Tafadzwa Matamba
Sarah Mathison
Janice Milnerwood
Tosin Olowoyeye-Taiwo
Art Phipps
Claudia Sanchez
Katie Sayers
Lynn Smith
April Vance