John Scull

IMG_3680John has had a career as a behavioural neuropsychologist, college instructor, and environmental activist. John has written about ecopsychology and the Earth Charter and is a founding member of the International Community for Ecopsychology (ICE). He has developed a passion for connecting people to nature based on the work of Michael J. Cohen. John applies Cohen’s processes for reconnecting with nature when he guides meditative journeys into the heart of nature. John practices the art of thinking globally and acting locally on a daily basis by volunteering with the Cowichan Land Trust, Cowichan Estuary Nature Centre, Cowichan Valley Naturalists Society and Canadian Mental Health Association – CV Branch. John has founded two Cowichan Valley Young Naturalists Clubs and organizes Cowichan Bay`s annual Low Tide Day conservation and education event, because we all live downstream.

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John is a founding member of the Inclusive Leadership Co-operative and is currently serving on the ILC board of directors.

“… we are part of the earth as a living community, supported by the universal intelligence and love that supports all life. With this realization comes a commitment to be responsible citizens of the biological community and to return to nature the love and care we have experienced ourselves.”