Stanley Daniels

Stanley Daniels

Pronouns: He/Him/his

Stanley Daniels ren Skwest. Te Tsqescen Te st7kwen. Styetemc-ken. Secwepemc-ken. Ren qe7tse lu7 Leonard Archie. Ren Ki7ce re Georgina Daniels. Tkwenmiple ren tsteswe7.

My name is Stanley Daniels. I am from the lakes district people of the Shuswap nation. I am from the Canim Lake Band. My father is Leonard Archie. My Mother is Georgina Daniels. I am someone who speaks on behalf of my people (an elected councilor).

2007 – 2015  I worked for the Canim Lake Band in various capacities. Including a Youth Worker, Job Coach, and Community Outreach Worker. There are so many success stories to share within these years and throughout my time with the Canim Lake Band. Most important is my connection with my people and my land and being able to serve them. Other highlights include being able to serve on the Mental Health Advisory Committee and working with Dr. Gabor Mate to help bring reform to the National Native Drugs and Alcohol Program across BC.

2012 – December 23, 2012  My niece Avery Shelly Archie was born. This changed my life forever in a positive way. I set out to make the world a better place for my niece and haven’t stopped working on this goal since.

February 7, 2016  My dad after 35 years of alcoholism sobered up and never returned to drinking. My life with my dad has been a huge milestone for me and my family. I am so grateful for all the time I had with him before he passed away from Cancer August 2019. We shared so many happy memories, and I got to hear his life story and learn about his history. All my life, I wanted my dad to be in my life, and I accomplished it.

2017 – September 2017  I returned to school to study Chemical Addictions Counseling.

2017 – 2018  On the Dean’s List of Academic Excellence for GPA of 3.67 or more. Elected by peers to be Valedictorian for graduation years one and two.

2018 – 2019  I completed my diploma and advanced diploma for Chemical Addictions Counseling. Was also a valedictorian for this graduation year. Also received a Human Services Department Academic Achievement Award for highest GPA in the Human Services Department for the whole of Nicola Valley Institute of Technology.

June 2018  I was elected as one of the youngest ever Duly Elected Councilors for the Canim Lake Band. Still currently the youngest sitting councilor.

June 2018  I was given a Gender Health and Wellness Travel Bursary to travel to Montreal to help, consult, advise, and collaborate on gender health and wellness programming and services across Canada.

Currently, I am an elected councilor for my community. I balance my time between being a loving uncle, devoted friend, caring brother, and passionate student. I am currently enrolled in my third year of Bachelor of Social Worker. I plan to finish my fourth year of Chemcial Addictions of Counselling and will graduat with a Bachelor of Integrated Studies with the University of Fraser Valley in 2021. And I hope to return to complete my Bachelor of Social Work with Thompson Rivers University and NVIT in 2022. I will also complete my first term on council by 2022. During my term as a councillor, I have met with various levels of government to help bring CLB issues to resolution. I have met with many federal ministers, provincial ministers and premiers and other various First Nations Governments. Some highlights of my term include signing Memorandums of Understanding with sister community of Simpcw. I look forward to building more relationships with all of Secwepemculucw and other Indigenous communities. We also signed onto our agreement in principle with Canada and BC for out stage 5 Treaty negotiations. I work as much as I can in my spare time. I take on various contracts to help build my professional portfolio and assist communities in their growth and development. Education has been a major priority for me these past few years. I want to be able to use my education as a tool to make the world a better place for me and my family and for my community at large.