Raj Gill

IMG_0463Raj is the Director of Prosperity Circles Coaching International, founding partner of the Experiential Leadership Initiative, and a trainer certified by the International Centre for Nonviolent Communication. Raj combines Inclusive Leadership, Communication with Compassion and Emotional Intelligence in her international coaching and facilitating practice. In her work in BC and around the world she guides diverse individuals and groups to experience how ideas, words and actions based on the power of human connection lead to universal success in developing harmonious relationships. Raj is co-author of the NVC Toolkit for Facilitators, and has developed compassionate communication curricula and manuals for a variety of organizations including Cowichan Intercultural Society, Inclusive Leadership, the Justice Institute of BC., University of BC, Langara College and Correctional Service of Canada.

8aRaj helped found Inclusive Leadership Adventures in 2002 and has been a mentor to everyone involved for how to create heart to heart connections by learning and practicing skills for communicating with compassion.

“Since 2002 I have been on a journey of sharing and understanding differences in an inclusive and safe way with Inclusive Leadership.  I have learned so many ways in which to feel comfortable and share in circles with people from many walks of life. This has impacted my life and business by helping me understand and facilitate in multiple ways in very diverse environments within the non profit sector, prisons, government, faith organizations, schools, community colleges, and university settings.” Click here for Raj’s story of co-creating Inclusive Leadership Adventures.

I believe in the power of human connection to create universal success”