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Walk of the Nations to the One World Festival

It is no accident that the seeds of the Inclusive Leadership Co-operative were planted in the Cowichan Valley, a rural community on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada.

The Cowichan Valley has gradually become a community that is FULL of Inclusive Leaders:

Ordinary people such as you and me who believe strongly that the magnificent diversity of all living beings are gifts that enrich our communities and the world.

And we have learned to show up for each other.

Social Planning Cowichan’s Cultural Connections Committee sponsored and organized our community’s tenth annual Walk of the Nations that took place on September 22, 2018. 

The Walk of Nations was part of Cowichan Intercultural Society’s annual One World Festival. 

Just look at the hundreds and hundreds of people from all walks of life who gathered for this amazing day-long demonstration of all the good-will and harmony that we are harvesting in Cowichan – our Warm Land!!!!!

And that is not all: These events are leading up to two more inclusive community building events in the Cowichan Region:


The Inclusive Leadership Co-operative’s Annual Gathering Sept 28 to 30, 2018:

and Cultural Connections’ Q’Shintul Walking Together Supper Sept 28, 2018

And then throughout the year in our beautiful Cowichan Region, there are more, and more individuals and groups organizing more and more opportunities to explore, share, and celebrate the impact of learning to live, learn and lead more inclusively in our diverse communities.

These kinds of events can happen and are happening in small and large communities around the world: All we have to do is begin showing up for each other safely, respectfully, equally and joy-fully.  Together we are transforming our communities by embracing diversity.

What is happening in your community? Please share!


Inclusive Leadership Weekend Gathering


Come for 1, 2, or all 3 days!

Click here to register

Click here for details

For more information email:


  • 8:30 am to 3:00 pm: De-Stressing the Learning Environment Pro-D Day for Professionals, Volunteers, Students and Everyone who cares about Inclusion. Everyone Welcome!
  • 3:00 to 9:00 pm: The Three R’s: Registration, Relaxation, Revitalization in our beautiful lake-side Retreat
  • 4:30 – 9:00 pm: Q’shintul – “Walking Together” Participants in the ILC gathering are invited to join with Cowichan Tribes at Somena Big House in Duncan for a special community reconciliation event hosted by Social Planning Cowichan.

Continue reading

Farm to Table Community Building

Submitted by Linda Hill (Photos by Cathy Gilbert)

Our September 5 Farm to Table fundraiser that took place at Little Zimbabwe Farm in Duncan, BC, Canada was a fast-growing-grassroots event that went from planting to cultivating to blooming to harvesting to cooking the meal in a couple of weeks.

Amy Matamba and I had one quick conversation in which Amy suggested thirty as a good number of people to invite for a traditional Zimbabwe meal and music meet up on their deck. Less than a week later, our Inclusive Leadership fund-raising event was full with thirty-five reservations, and a waiting list long enough to begin planning another fund-raiser. Continue reading

A Post With A Surprise Ending

This post about what a new Inclusive Leader, Megan Carrigan, experienced at an Inclusive Leadership Co-operative Gathering in 2017 has a surprise ending so be sure to read all the way through.


First though, our Sept 28 to 29, 2018 Annual Inclusive Leadership Gathering on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada is for new and experienced Inclusive Leaders, our families, friends, colleagues, students and everyone who is involved in transforming communities by embracing diversity. We hope can join us for one, two or all three days!  Click here for more information. 

Now back to Megan: Megan found the courage to sign up for the 2017 Inclusive Leadership gathering because she was already used to practicing an essential Inclusive Leadership skill which is the art of showing up. Throughout her life, Megan has always managed to find the internal resources within herself to keep showing up at school and at supportive community organizations despite dealing with seizures that can literally throw her to the ground any time any day of the week. Continue reading

Safe Spaces to Grow Through Our Experiences of Dissonance

Submitted by April Vance

(April is a Support Worker, Inclusive Leader and PATH (Planning Alternative Tomorrow’s With Hope Facilitator who has been participating in Inclusive Leadership Education since 2012.  April explains that, “PATH is an artistic expression of your dreams and how you chose to proceed. I am living my PATH as we speak. There is something about putting intention out there and seeing it on paper. Then just watch the positive and possible unfold before your eyes.” In this post, April shares her observations about how Inclusive Leaders create safe spaces to grow and address our struggles to live inclusively). Continue reading

Inclusive Leaders are Local Heroes

“Inclusive Leadership is daring to stand out and be different instead of trying to fit in,” (Randeanna Jack shown with her Dad William Jack in the first photo). For more information about discovering your own Inclusive Leadership potential click here.

Local heroes Lewis and Louise Beck (far left of the 2nd photo) are two people who dare to be different in how they live their daily lives. They will be participating in a Terry Fox run on Sunday, September 17. You can support their efforts to raise funds for cancer research by donating to the Lew and Lou team.  Continue reading

Online Heart to Heart Cafe

Submitted by Harriet Greenwood

global-villageMore and more opportunities to learn and practice Inclusive Leadership skills online are becoming available to everyone in our Global Village! Click here for more information. By connecting online, we are fulfilling the needs of Inclusive Leaders around the world to stay connected and inspired. Continue reading