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Inclusive Leaders are Local Heroes

“Inclusive Leadership is daring to stand out and be different instead of trying to fit in,” (Randeanna Jack shown with her Dad William Jack in the first photo). For more information about discovering your own Inclusive Leadership potential click here.

Local heroes Lewis and Louise Beck (far left of the 2nd photo) are two people who dare to be different in how they live their daily lives. They will be participating in a Terry Fox run on Sunday, September 17. You can support their efforts to raise funds for cancer research by donating to the Lew and Lou team.  Continue reading

Online Heart to Heart Cafe

Submitted by Harriet Greenwood

global-villageMore and more opportunities to learn and practice Inclusive Leadership skills online are becoming available to everyone in our Global Village! Click here for more information. By connecting online, we are fulfilling the needs of Inclusive Leaders around the world to stay connected and inspired. Continue reading

Spotlight on Christy Tweedy

tweedy-photoChristy Tweedy is an Inclusive Leader living in Athens, Georgia, USA. We are sharing this news from Christy on her October 29, 2016 wedding day. Best wishes to Christy and Shawn! Christy wrote:

“I am continuing to follow up on my Inclusive Leadership in action steps and maintain focus on my food recovery programs while doing outreach. I’ve been working to start more food recovery efforts in my rural community in the state of Georgia. Recently, I joined many others to talk about Food Waste and Senior Hunger at the Senior Hunger Summit in Atlanta. We had state senators, department of Human Services, Department of Family and Child Services, and many other state and local agencies come together to discuss food access for our senior populations. All great things that bring me lots of joy, purpose, and inspiration.”

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The Magic of Connecting With Differences

Submitted by Linda Hill and Bonnie Robertson

20161012_145816Inclusive Leadership can be as simple and magical as a diverse group of people exploring the skill of daring to be different through a co-operative game of “Catch the Difference.” As you read this story, we invite you to think about the times in your life when you have felt safe to share your differences with others and the times in your life when you helped others feel safe to share their differences with you.  Continue reading

Daring to be Different: Learning from Marta Becket

Submitted by Linda Hill

marta-becketMarta Becket is a unique Inclusive Leader who is one of my role models for the skill of daring to be different. Forty years ago, in 1967, Marta Becket re-claimed and re-opened a long-empty theatre in the remote California Ghost Town of Death Valley Junction. She steadfastly performed vaudeville ballet on the Armagosa Opera House stage three evenings each week whether anyone showed up to watch her or not. In the early years when she was mostly dancing to an empty theatre, she painted an audience on the walls.


Gradually, travellers noticed what she was offering and her theatre become an inclusive and welcoming Death Valley destination. In 2012, Marta passed her ballerina torch on to ballerina Jenna McLintock. Jenna now offers Marta’s vaudeville ballet performances to the world and the inclusive and welcoming magic of ballet in desert continues.

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