Linda Hill

IMG_4597Linda has been guiding diverse groups of adults, youth, and children to build inclusive, welcoming and respectful schools, neighbourhoods, work-places and communities for over forty years. She has researched and developed two of the core sets of Inclusive Leadership skills: skills for connecting with differences and skills for Building Bridges within and between groups. These skills are explored in many articles, manuals and her two published books: (Discovering Connections (1998) and Connecting Kids (2001). Her third book-project, a guided quest through all four corners of the field of Inclusive Leadership – Discover Your Inclusive Leadership Potential – has just been published as a participatory, online course.

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DSCF3993Linda has been guiding the development of Inclusive Leadership since 2002 through on-going Participatory Action Research, interactive diversity education and inclusive community-building projects in partnership with Cowichan Intercultural Society, Canadian Mental Health Association -CV Branch and now the Inclusive Leadership Co-operative.

“Choosing to learn and practice Inclusive Leadership skills is similar to choosing to get a driver’s license, play a sport, join an orchestra, or learn a new language. Inclusive Leadership is a possible, positive, and life enriching set of skills that can be learned, practiced and developed to the point that they become second nature. And while learning and practicing these skills you will be exploring the interconnections between our various environmental, economic, political, social, and spiritual concerns and forging inclusive solutions that are solidly based on care for the community of life, ecological integrity, social and economic justice, democracy, non-violence and peace.”