Strengthening the Bridges along our Inclusive Leadership Trail

Inclusive Leader Stanley Daniels with Canadian Federal Minister of Defence Harjit Sajjan.

In June 2019, the Government of Canada unveiled Building a Foundation for Change: Canada’s Anti-Racism Strategy 2019–2022.  

The Inclusive Leadership Co-operative is one of 47 BC organizations to receive funding from the Canadian Heritage Community Support, Multiculturalism, and Anti-Racism Initiatives Program.

We are very grateful for this funding from the Department of Canadian Heritage. As we begin to envision routes and pathways for preparing new generations of Inclusive Leaders to become Inclusive Leadership Facilitators, the field of Inclusive Leadership is already beginning to feel more and more like a virtual Camino Trail.

The Camino Trail is a network of paths in France and Spain traveled by thousands and thousands of people from around the world each year as a physical, emotional and spiritual challenge.

Like these travelers who set out on the Camino Trail, the diverse people who set out to become Inclusive Leadership facilitators have so many different reasons for choosing this challenge. Along the way, there are so many discoveries to be made about how to bring together diverse groups of people to become globally aware and locally skillful at living, learning, and leading in our diverse communities.

We invite you to join us for six months of strengthening the Inclusive Leadership bridges we have been building for more than 15 years. Please email Lindsay at to begin a conversation about how you might be involved. With your help we will:

  • Map out routes for guided journeys that we hope will quickly become well-known, and well-traveled paths for Inclusive Leadership facilitators to follow.
  • Produce clear guidebooks with instructions, sign posts and guided tours.
  • Develop charts and passports that new and experienced Inclusive Leaders can use to keep track of their progress in developing their own Inclusive Leadership skills and guiding others to explore the field of Inclusive Leadership.
  • Explore how Inclusive Leadership facilitators can bring together diverse groups and guide these new Inclusive Leaders to develop awareness, skills and action plans for forging inclusive solution to social diversity and biodiversity challenges.

We will be building on the success of our renowned Inclusive Leadership Adventure weekends, Inclusive Leadership workshops and our new online course, “Discover Your Inclusive Leadership Potential” by creating workshops and online experiences that will support Inclusive Leaders around the world to discover their potential to facilitate Inclusive Leadership.

“I loved the sequence of the content of the online course and the discussion forum. After each module I found I was raising questions that the following modules had already been set up to answer. One of the thing that will stick with me is about being inclusive even when I am stuck. When I am faced with a crisis, argument, commotion or distraction from implementing a plan. Instead of asking, what should I do, I will ask, What CAN WE DO!!! (Temo Sasau, Advocate, Fiji Islands, South Pacific).

“I loved the template of Building Bridges that was shared, especially for planning and facilitating workshops. This is like gold: a structure I was looking for” (Katie Sayers, Teacher and Facilitator, BC, Canada).

“As a nonviolent communication practitioner and facilitator, I wanted to find new skills and perspectives for working in environments where basic needs are not met or there are belief systems that prevent compassion. I really enjoyed how building communities that support each other is a medicine for discrimination and injustice. I opened my vision of what a leader is and what inclusive leadership can do to empower people and bring together differences.” Claudia Sanchez, Full Communication Practitioner and Facilitator, Colombia).

“How about if each and every person in areas such as Uganda undertook a basic course in understanding inclusiveness? Would we learn not to be harsh while connecting with different people? Would this lead to a society where everyone is welcomed?”  (Joanita Babirye, Founder and Director, Rainbow Smiles Foundation, Uganda)

“This is a journey towards creating resilient, sustainable and thriving communities by participating, volunteering, mentoring, and facilitating service in community….When we get past our own prejudices, bias and judgments, then, we are able to truly know each other and what wants to happen will emerge.” (CM Justice, Vancouver Island, Canada).