You are invited to join the ILC Strengthening Bridges project

Are you concerned about oppression and marginalization? Do you value diversity and inclusion? Have you experienced any part of the past twenty celebratory years of in-person and on-line Inclusive Leadership education?

We are gathering new and experienced Inclusive Leaders into diverse networks and webs of empowering mutual mentoring alliances from around the world.

We are coming together online and in person to learn, mentor, practice, support and encourage each other to cultivate our skills and understandings for facilitating social and environmental justice education.

We are sharing our skills for embracing the diversity in all living beings as gifts that enrich our earth community and human family. Facilitating Inclusive Leadership education transforms ourselves, our communities, and the world.

Feeling curious? Intrigued? Inspired?

Email and read on to find out how you can participate in the ILC’s Strengthening Bridges Project. There are so many fulfilling ways to become involved.

The ILC Strengthening Bridges project is being guided by our Inclusive Leadership Education Committee: Harriet Greenwood, Janice Milnerwood, Linda Hill, Lindsay Beal, Tara Jordan, Terri Beaton. Perhaps you want to join the Education Committee and help guide this project?

Perhaps you would like to help in other ways? Thank you so much to these Participatory Action Research Consultants!  Alan Cundall, Amy Matamba, Bukola Amao-Taiwo, Claudia Sánchez, Donna Sassaman, Joy Emmanuel, Muhammad Almahroof, Nola Landucci, Seyi Alawuh, Stanley Daniels, Pema Rigzin, Tafadzwa Matamba and Temo Sasau.  We hope you will enjoy reading through this overview of what you have contributed to and we look forward to your continuing contributions.

Interested in joining these dynamic Inclusive Leaders from Vancouver Island and all around the world? We invite you to read through this overview of how the Strengthening Bridges project is evolving, consider how you would like to be involved and then email .

Here are some snapshots of who has been actively involved in facilitating and mentoring Inclusive Leadership since the Strengthening Bridges Project began in April 2019.

Would you like to join us during the next few months of growing your skills for facilitating Inclusive Leadership?

Take a look at what is coming up. What are you feeling pulled to participate in?

We invite you to join us!

To find out more about participating in the Strengthening Bridges project  and to share your ideas, contact Linda Hill, Inclusive Leadership Education Co-ordinator: