Upcoming Inclusive Leadership Events in 2020: In Person and Online

Inclusive Leadership is for everyone who is concerned about oppression and marginalization; everyone who values diversity and inclusion; everyone who has experienced or wants to experience Inclusive Leadership in action.  You are warmly invited to join us in what is now twenty celebratory years of peer-to-peer in-person and on-line education in social and environmental justice skills. The world needs Inclusive Leaders who are globally aware and locally skillful at forging inclusive solutions in our diverse communities.

Here is a list of what is happening in the winter and spring of 2020! Upcoming In Person Inclusive Leadership Events:

Contact Linda Hill if you want to be on any of these co-facilitating teams or participate in these events in other ways. Email: inclusiveleaders@gmail.com or phone 250-510-8354.

Upcoming Online Inclusive Leadership Events:

We are very grateful to the Department of Canadian Heritage and Multiculturalism for funding the Strengthening Bridges Project that is making so many of these peer-to-peer co-facilitating and mutual learning opportunities possible.