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Here is an video clip with Inclusive Leader, Joshua Amposnsem inviting you to become involved in Inclusive Leadership Online:

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“Inclusive Leadership Online is a grounding connection for personal growth and community growth. We connect to hearts, honour our strengths and empower each other to develop skills and action plans that bring our Inclusive talents and qualities to life in the wider community and the world around us. A practical, supportive, and enriching way of becoming involved in Inclusive Leadership!” (Katie Sayers, Community Relations, Inclusive Leadership Co-operative).

Inclusive Leadership Online Heart-to-Heart Cafe!

Who Is Invited: Are you an Inclusive Leader who would like to connect across time zones and space for compassionate conversations with Inclusive Leaders from around the world?

Join Harriet Greenwood in England and Janice Milnerwood in Quebec for our monthly Inclusive Leadership Heart-to-heart Online Cafes! You are welcome to join us as often as works for you.

Where: Join us from anywhere in the world via Zoom-Video Conferencing
When: First Saturday of each month at 10:00 am Pacific Time.
Time: 10:00 am to 11:30 am Pacific Time.
Join at 9:45 am PT for a technology check.
Cost: Free
How to participate. No registration required.  For directions and the url link for joining this online cafe, email Harriet and Janice at:

Discover Your Inclusive Leadership Potential

Who is invited:  This online course is for champions of diversity and inclusion from all walks of life all around the world: Educators, service providers, volunteers, students and all community members who are Building Bridges toward social and environmental well-being in your diverse communities. People who are dealing with injustice, mistreatment, isolation and other forms of exclusion. People who love people who are dealing with exclusion and all advocates, allies and activists. Youth, young adults, adults and elders with diverse concerns, interests and passions. We all have vital Inclusive Leadership roles where ever we live, learn and lead in our diverse communities.

Where: Participate from anywhere in the world via your computer and internet connection.


Where: Participate from anywhere in the world via your computer or phone

Cost: Spirit of Generosity Pricing

  • I can pay it forward by paying for myself plus someone else: $140
  • This price is affordable for me: $70
  • I require a partial sponsorship: $35
  • Full sponsorships are available lower the economic barriers. If you are willing to invest your time in this course, we are willing to invest in you (4 hours per week for 8 to 10 weeks)

How to Participate: Click here for More Information and to Register  or email

Inclusive Leadership Online Practice Group 

Who is invited:  Have you participated in our Discover Your Inclusive Leadership Potential course or another Inclusive Leadership event? Are your ready to cultivate your Inclusive Leadership skills in your daily life? Do you want to connect across time, space and distance with Inclusive Leaders from across Canada and around the world? Would you appreciate support with leading inclusively in the places you live, learn, work and volunteer in your diverse community? Do you want to meet with other Inclusive Leaders weekly to practice connecting with differences, communicating with compassion, standing up for inclusion and Building Bridges to equality? If so, the Inclusive Leadership Online Practice Group is the group for you.

Where: Participate from anywhere in the world via your computer and internet connection for zoom video conferencing.

When and how to participate:  We offer two or three practice groups of 8-12 weeks per year. Check on the Inclusive Leadership for our Global Village course-site or contact to find out when the next session will be.

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Where: Participate from anywhere in the world via your computer or phone

Cost: Spirit of Generosity Pricing

  • I can pay it forward by being a sponsor: $140
  • This price is affordable for me: $70
  • I require a partial sponsorship: $35
  • I require a full sponsorship. I will invest my time: $0

 Still considering possibilities for becoming an Inclusive Leader in our Global Village?

Here are more  videos inviting the world to join Inclusive Leadership Online!


When you sign up for Inclusive Leadership Online you will:

  • Connect across time, space and diversity with other caring and courageous Inclusive Leaders.
  • Develop and practice Inclusive Leadership skills for connecting with differences, communicating with compassion, standing up for inclusion and Building Bridges to inclusive and sustaining communities.
  • Develop and carry out your personal action plans for the vital roles you have to play in living, learning and leading in your diverse community.

Hosted byThe Inclusive Leadership Co-operative

What: Experience is the best teacher. The Inclusive Leadership Co-operative is made up of skilled and experienced Inclusive Leaders who are experts at providing experiential inclusive diversity education on line. You will find authentic, vibrant, interactive, mutual mentoring opportunities in whatever course you choose.

Cost: The Inclusive Leadership Co-operative thrives on the spirit of generosity. Inclusive Leadership Online is meant to be accessible to and affordable to everyone who has access to a computer and high-speed internet. You will be able to choose to from these 4 prices.

  • This course fee is affordable for me. I will pay $70 CAD (~$50 USA)
  • I can afford to Pay it Forward by paying for myself and another participant. I will pay $140 CAD (~$100 USA)
  • I am requesting a Partial Sponsorship and will invest my time in return. I will pay $35 CAD (~$25 USA)
  • I am requesting a full sponsorship and will invest my time in return.

Let’s talk about time barriers: Only you can decide if this is the right time for you to choose the challenge of balancing one more ball along with all you are juggling in your full and busy life. If you are at work or in school you may find it helpful to talk to your boss and your teachers about how Inclusive Leadership Online could be part of your professional development and continuing education.

And… if you cannot make this a priority right now – relax. These opportunities come up two or more times each year. Eventually the time will be right for you.

What are the outcomes of participating in Inclusive Leadership Online: 

“I have learned that being an Inclusive Leader is about being more rather than always trying to do more and accomplish more. Instead of so much doing, I am slowing down to the speed of wisdom by deepening the quality of my leadership in my circles of influence.” (Harriet Greenwood, England). 

“Everything I learn and practice in the Inclusive Leadership Practice Group, I take to my relationships with my family and to the children, youth, mentors, elders and other leaders in my community.” (Lillie Lentz, BC)

“As I become more connected with practicing Inclusive Leadership, I find that when I encounter a situation that challenges me, I have some little reminder thought-bubbles lighting up in my head such as, ‘If you were curious about this what would this look like?’ or ‘If you were accepting about this, what would this look like?’ (Sarah Mathison, Ontario)

 “The more I practice being my whole self by showing up at Inclusive Leadership Online, the more skilled I becoming at travelling from circle to circle, connecting with strangers and becoming visible to my potential allies.” (Janice Milnerwood,Quebec).

“I am amazed at how important our weekly Inclusive Leadership Online has become for flying through each week with optimism and hope. Two months ago I was stewing about the state of the world.  With support from my mutual mentors I have shifted into calm, caring, creative, courage.” (Linda Hill, BC)

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