Inclusive Leadership in Nigeria

Submitted by Victor Ivoke

(Nigeria is home to over 250 ethnic groups, with over 500 languages, and great diversity of geography, customs, religion, and life circumstances. Students, parents, politicians, farmers, business owners, artists, youth workers, teachers and other emerging and experienced leaders throughout Nigeria are engaged in the triple challenges of building bridges to equality, building peace and addressing climate change. The Inclusive Leadership Co-operative is contributing to Inclusive Leadership development in Nigeria through Inclusive Leadership Online Education.)

My name is Victor Ivoke. I am a Nigerian and I live and work in Abuja. I have just rounded off my Masters Degree in Society and Development Studies. I work for a faith based organization that is pan- African and I hope to sharpen my leadership abilities for global impact.

Through this online quest to “Discover Your Inclusive Leadership Potential” I am being exposed to life time lessons that will help me renew my mind, influence others and transform my community starting with my immediate circle of influence.

Inclusive leadership has outstanding insights on Building bridges that connect people from all walks of life to create a more harmonious world. I took time to go through the Earth Charter module and I am amazed at the invaluable lessons it contains.

Respect and care for the community of life shows how mutual respect and care for everyone’s need around the world can make the earth a better place. For me, this is an important part of bio-diversity inclusion. We must must recognize nature with all its biodiversity as God’s greatest gift to humanity.If we all embrace ecological integrity, we will  make the earth a better place and sustainable for this and the next generation.

The “Discover Your Inclusive Leadership Potential” course has a learning activity by John Scull that shows an amazing way to build skills for relaxing and connecting with nature. By learning to incorporate relaxing in nature as part of my routine, I am feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Staying in nature and watching nature can be very inspiring.

Social and economic justice will ensure we eradicate poverty, disease  and affirm equality by upholding the right of all without discrimination.

Our world is facing increase turmoil, violence, extremism and all its attendant consequences. Peace and non-violence as part of the Earth Charter will increase our knowledge and value for peace and help usher in characters that will help us build and sustain relationships for a peaceful world.