Building Bridges to Literacy and Peace

Submitted by Victor Okechukwu Chimezie

I am Victor Okechukwu Chimezie  a 22 year old Nigerian, a passionate and pragmatic Peacebuilder. I’m so delighted to be here in the Discover Your Inclusive Leadership Potential online course. I’m so grateful for the  scholarship as this course will help me be more relaxed in diversity in my quest to make the world safer and better for us youth.

Part 1 of the Inclusive Leadership course introduces the Earth Charter as our global compass.

For my Earth Charter Action Plan I’ll be focusing on Peace which is Democracy, Non- Violence and Peace.

I’m actually already chronically devoted to peace building and at the age of 23 have already reached out to about 2000 Nigerians in peace related talks and seminars through my organization known as Mind Reformers Network. We can’t fulfill our mission without adequate knowledge of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals so I devoted  the last week of May 2019 to training over 120 African youths from six African countries on knowledge of the SDGs.

I am very proud that on July 5, 2019 I was listed in World Literacy Foundation’s Top 10 next generation change makers due to my work for a better and safer society. In the course of my programs, I have noticed the problem really is quality education. My country, Nigeria, has a lot of out of school children and the government pays very little attention to the education sector. I’m  grateful for being made a World Literacy Foundation Youth Ambassador as I hope to use this position to advocate for more funds from the country’s budget to the Education sector and equip libraries and schools in urban, suburban and rural areas over the next 12 months.

Click on the link below to read the complete World Literacy Foundation article introducing the next generation of change-makers.

Introducing the next generation of changemakers

I will love to take part 2 of the Discover Your Inclusive Leadership Potential Online Course because for me making an impact is a must and its difficult without being an inclusive leader.

3 thoughts on “Building Bridges to Literacy and Peace

  1. Tosi

    Welcome, OkeChukwu. Good to read about your works and recent recognition. The world needs more young people that are passionate and desirous for a change, like you are.

    Well done, you.


  2. Terri Beaton

    Wow Victor; congratulations on becoming a change maker for the World Literacy Foundation. What an honor! Keep up the good work.


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