POSTPONED – Inclusive Leadership Adventure 2020


Get set for an inclusive diversity education experience as exciting and life-changing as travelling to different countries around the world!


What happens when youth and adults gather together to explore how to shift away from reacting against differences in society and nature as problems and how to shift toward to accepting differences and new people as gifts that enrich our schools and communities?

We change the world!

This Inclusive Leadership Adventure is filling up quickly. Please email Tara Jordan at to find out if there is any more room.

For details read below!

Inclusive Leadership Adventure weekends are three days of experiential diversity education as exciting and life-changing as travelling to different countries around the world. Click here for the itinerary. Our approach to building inclusive and welcoming communities is based on three big ideas about being the changes we want to see in the world:

  1. VALUING DIVERSITY AND INCLUSION IS A PARADIGM SHIFT: We are shifting from viewing differences as problems to sharing the magnificent diversity of people and all living beings as valuable gifts that enrich and sustain the world.
  2. IT TAKES A VILLAGE TO RAISE INCLUSIVE LEADERS: Ordinary people such as you and me have vital roles to play in guiding ourselves and the children, youth, and adults in our lives toward safe, respectful, equal, and harmonious ways of bringing our differences together.
  3. EXPERIENCE IS THE BEST TEACHER: Inclusive Leadership is cultivated by bringing together people from diverse generations, cultures and other backgrounds to learn with each other and to learn from each other through direct experience.

The youth, adults (and always a few children) who participate in Inclusive Leadership Adventure leave with skills, awareness and action plans for shifting toward inclusive and welcoming ways of living, learning and leading in our diverse families, schools, work-places and communities.

Who is Invited?

Inclusive Leadership Adventures are for youth, young adults, adults, and elders who want to develop skills, awareness, and action plans for building welcoming and inclusive communities based on respect for diversity.

What if, by doing one thing differently, we could change the world?

What if… woke up one morning and everything was the same as it has always been except that people are no longer reacting against differences as problems?

What if…. people are now responding to differences as gifts that enrich schools, work-places, and entire communities?

How could embracing diversity transform your school, workplace and community? How could embracing diversity transform you?

People come to Inclusive Leadership Adventures in intergenerational groups from families, schools, and community organizations. 

(For example: teachers and students, family members,  colleagues, community groups, groups of friends.)

Cost: It takes a village to cover the costs of $300 for adults and $200 for youth for a three day Inclusive Leadership Adventure (including co-ordination, meals, accommodation, venue, insurance, materials and supplies).

Funding: The Inclusive Leadership Co-operative keeps costs as low as possible by running on the spirit of generosity.

You may have heard the “stone-soup” story where the inhabitants of a poor village managed to make a tasty and nourishing pot-luck soup by everyone contributing a little bit of this and a little bit of that. This is how we are sharing leadership in covering the costs of this Inclusive Leadership Adventure for everyone who wants to come. The bottom line is that if you want to come, you can come:

  • You and your team members are asked to contribute what you can each comfortably afford toward the $300 per adult and $200 per youth costs of food, accommodation, venue, insurance, supplies.
  • You and your team are asked to seek financial support from your families, schools, community organizations, service clubs and socially responsible businesses.
  • The Inclusive Leadership Co-operative is also seeking financial support from these generous people and organizations who value diversity.
  • We have found over and over again that by all of us sharing the spirit of generosity in these ways, we always manage to cover the costs for everyone who wants to come.

What Do We Do At An Inclusive Leadership Adventure? Inclusive Leadership Adventures are participatory action diversity education experiential education. For example, here is a photo-story about the 2019 ILA

Who Facilitates an Inclusive Leadership Adventure? 

  • Inclusive Leadership Adventures are co-facilitated by a diverse team of trained and experienced volunteer Inclusive Leaders from diverse generations, cultures, abilities and other backgrounds
  • Everyone who comes to an Inclusive Leadership Adventure shares leadership to create an unforgettable, transformative weekend for everyone involved.

Here are a few testimonials to inspire you! 

” I would recommend involvement in Inclusive Leadership Adventures to anyone looking to broaden their world-view. The skills I learned of empathetic listening, of respectful communication and of accessibility and inclusiveness for all were key as I went forward to pursue my passion in social justice and human rights work. (Rachel Singleton-Polster, Human Rights Worker)

Inclusive Leadership is a great reminder of how beautiful people are. We can collaborate and work together and live in a way that we can keep giving back and taking from and with our Earth. This is inspirational. I hope to go forward in my life living and being aware of all these great things all the time. (Nikolai Lamspon, High School Student)

I love it here. Everyone here is so kind. I really appreciate it. I hope I can come as many times as possible. I have been to Buddhist Temples that show monks meditating. To me Inclusive Leadership is similar to meditation for the mind, in that it is meditation for the heart. (Shuwei Wang, International Student from China studying in Canada).

Inclusive Leadership has helped our students and staff develop an inclusive culture based on respect for diversity…Inclusive Leadership is a applicable to our staff as it is to our students. (Larry Mattin, Principal, Adult and Alternate Education, Cowichan Valley, BC).

What happens at Inclusive Leadership as 50 or 60 strangers of all ages, all abilities, various ethnicities, and diverse backgrounds come together is a miracle. As participants gather, the ground rules of inclusion are set, people are invited to let their guards down, and there is time, and energy devoted to sharing and really listening to one-anothers stories. (Tara Jordan, Social Worker, John Howard Society, Campbell River, BC)

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