The Inclusive Power of MUSIC and LOVE

submitted by Linda Hill

Mbira Spirit 1A number of years ago, I was with a group of young people from across Canada, exploring interconnections between social diversity and biodiversity, when we made a surprising discovery. What we found during our Participatory Action Research was that two powerful magnets for bringing people together in harmony with each other and with nature are MUSIC and LOVE.

img_5801I rediscover the magnetic power of music and love whenever I participate in community-building events organized by Inclusive Leaders Amy and Tafadzwa Matamba of Zimbabwe Music Society and Mbira Spirit 

img_5809Their September 9th gathering helped launch Amy’s new book: THE PIE THAT FLIES – filled with Zimbabwe/Canadian Recipes for cooking garden vegetables. Delicious and easily ordered on-line!!!!!!

I invite you to think about your own explorations of social diversity and biodiversity. What are the forces or powers that help you connect people with people and people with nature? What ways do you bring diverse people together to care for other people and for our planet? How are you transforming communities by embracing diversity?

For Amy and Tafadzwa, the transformations growing out of their Inclusive Leadership efforts are communities in Zimbabwe and communities in Canada supporting each other to grow good food, drink clean water, access health care, and contribute to world peace by bringing diverse ways of making music together in harmony. How powerful is that!?