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Kids and Adults Sharing Leadership

img_6680Inclusive Leaders everywhere are invited to create opportunities in your local communities for children to share leadership with you.  In Duncan, BC the Inclusive Leadership Co-operative joined with the Arcadian Early Learning and Cowichan Intercultural Society to host a family dinner followed by a world cafe that explored visions of “Families First” communities.  We held a parallel world cafe with the little ones. Continue reading

Outcomes of Cultivating Inclusive Leadership

earth-charter-102This is the 15th year that members of the Inclusive Leadership Co-operative have invited new and experienced Inclusive Leaders from diverse generations, cultures, and other backgrounds to participate in our annual Pro-D Day (Feb 24, 2017) or 3 day weekend (Feb 24-26, 2017) of experiential education in Cultivating Inclusive Leadership. 

As you consider this invitation you may be wondering about what the outcomes of Cultivating Inclusive Leadership might be for you and your group. Continue reading

Syrian Artists: Ethical Witnesses From Behind the Lines

img_6234Behind the Lines – Contemporary Syrian Art is travelling across Canada in 2016 and 2017 with two stops in the Cowichan Valley, Vancouver Island,BC: Duncan United Church until Dec 2, then Brentwood School Dec 10 to 17.

Syrian Artist – Humam Alsalim and Penticton Art Gallery Curator – Paul Crawford collaborated via the internet to arrange for behind-the-lines100 works of art by 18 Syrian Artists to be secretly sent out from behind the lines of the Syrian War to be exhibited at the Penticton Art Gallery.

“Over the last year I could have never predicted or even fathomed how relevant this show would become due to the change in our government and the influx of all these Syrian refugees to our communities,” Crawford says.  Behind the Lines is now travelling across Canada with two stops in the Cowichan Valley, Vancouver Island,BC from November 28 to December 17. Contact Paul Crawford for the complete schedule of the Behind the Lines Exhibition.

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Changing the world from the inside out

1Inclusive Leaders gathered June 3 to 5, 2016 to explore, share, and celebrate the multitude of ways individuals and groups are transforming communities by embracing diversity. Linda Hill and Kirsten Gellein spent some time gathering insights from a few of the 90 participants. Continue reading

Skills for Connecting With Diversity

(submitted by Linda Hill) 

???On June 1, 2016 Joy Emmanuel and I represented the Inclusive Leadership Co-operative at the 2016 Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences in Calgary, Alberta. One of two workshops we facilitated was an exploration of how Inclusive Leadership skills for Connecting with Differences and Communicating With Compassion can help co-operative associations, non-profit organizations, and any group of people become more co-operative.
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June 3 to 5, 2016 Inclusive Leadership Gathering

IMG_1958 (640x480)Embark on an adventure as life changing as traveling the world June 3 to 5, 2016, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada.  Our annual Inclusive Leadership Gathering brings together new and experienced Inclusive Leaders from diverse generations, cultures and other backgrounds.  Come for 1, 2, or all 3 days with your family, friends, and colleagues to explore, share, and celebrate the many diverse ways you and other  Inclusive Leaders are building communities based on inclusion, diversity, equality and joy. Click here for more information and to register.

participants20Meet Inclusive Leaders from all walks of life and all ages!! “We are part of a world-wide movement made up of individuals and groups who care about people and the planet in ways that are life-enriching and life-sustaining. We look forward to learning with and from everyone who attends the gathering.” (Kix Citton, Inclusive Leadership Co-operative Board Member)

ILC Poster Gathering and Fundraiser

Collaboration – The Power of 2

(Submitted by ILC Founding Member,  Raj Gill)

DSC_0972In 2001 I was planning to transition out of health care into a brand new career as a Life-Skills Coach. I launched my coaching business, “Prosperity Circles Coaching International,” and began a journey of exploring the power of collaboration. It was a time of becoming curious without being attached to specific outcomes. I was confident I had something of value to offer. I strongly believed that collectively we are much greater and more effective than we are individually. I had recently participated in a nine day International Intensive Training in Nonviolent Communication and a piece that stood out for me was that, “my feelings are connected to my needs, not to other people’s behaviour.” Continue reading