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Skills for Connecting With Diversity

(submitted by Linda Hill) 

???On June 1, 2016 Joy Emmanuel and I represented the Inclusive Leadership Co-operative at the 2016 Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences in Calgary, Alberta. One of two workshops we facilitated was an exploration of how Inclusive Leadership skills for Connecting with Differences and Communicating With Compassion can help co-operative associations, non-profit organizations, and any group of people become more co-operative.
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Collaboration – The Power of 2

(Submitted by ILC Founding Member,  Raj Gill)

DSC_0972In 2001 I was planning to transition out of health care into a brand new career as a Life-Skills Coach. I launched my coaching business, “Prosperity Circles Coaching International,” and began a journey of exploring the power of collaboration. It was a time of becoming curious without being attached to specific outcomes. I was confident I had something of value to offer. I strongly believed that collectively we are much greater and more effective than we are individually. I had recently participated in a nine day International Intensive Training in Nonviolent Communication and a piece that stood out for me was that, “my feelings are connected to my needs, not to other people’s behaviour.” Continue reading

Inclusive Leadership in Coaching

Barton Profile (1024x683) Barton Cutter of Cutter’s Edge Consulting was in for a surprise when he applied for a scholarship with the Coaches Training Institute (CTI). Little did he know he would be applying his passion for Inclusive Leadership to help transform the very program he was applying for. Barton Cutter is a leadership coach and inclusion expert. He combines his experience of living with cerebral palsy, uncompromising wit, and professional background in leadership development and communications to empower people with and without disabilities to discover a vision of independence and collaborative leadership through building engaging relationships.“This life is about transforming the universe, one soul at a time. Polishing the soul through laughter!”

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