FREE Planning

If you are feeling confused about your Inclusive Leadership Potential, then FREE Planning is for you.

FREE Planning is Free-ing!

How does FREE Planning work?

You simply combine the four souvenir Inclusive Leadership Skills from this quest into plan that feels:

F = Fun to do

= Relaxing to do

= Easy to do

E = Enjoyable to do

Then you share your plan, carry out your plan and share what happened.

The four Inclusive Leadership skills you will be putting into practice are:

  1. Showing Up
  2. Relaxing about diversity
  3. Listening
  4. Helping

Step 1: Think of somewhere you will show up today or tomorrow to relax, listen and help. Does this place you plan to show up feel fun, relaxing, easy and enjoyable? If so, then you have just succeeded in FREE Planning!

Step 2: Share your plan with a friend or a family member or someone else you trust. Telling someone what you plan to do increases the likelihood that you will carry out your plan. Here is an example of what you might say: “I’ve been taking a course about discovering my Inclusive Leadership potential. My assignment is to make a plan to show up somewhere that is fun, relaxing, easy and enjoyable. So, I have decided to show up at  _______________________________. When I get there my intention is to relax, listen and be helpful.” 

Step 3: Carry out your plan. As Kix Citton said in the video about Building Bridges, “There is nothing else I would rather be doing. What else are we going to do than create better places for people to come together?” By showing up somewhere in your community to relax, listen and be helpful you are helping to create better places for people to come together.

Step 4: Share what happened with someone. When you share a story about successfully carrying out an inclusive and welcoming plan, you inspire others to be inclusive and welcoming too. You could share where you went and how you relaxed, listened and helped. You could also share what was fun, what was relaxing, what was easy and what was enjoyable. Here is an example of what you might say: “I had an interesting experience yesterday doing an assignment for a course I’m taking. I made a plan to show up at ____________ and just relax, listen and be helpful. This is what happened _______________________”

That is all there is to it!


You have just made and carried out an Inclusive Leadership Action plan that is positive, possible and practical for you!