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The Inclusive Leadership Co-operative invites you to join Dr. Linda Hill and many other compassionate and courageous Inclusive Leaders from around the world in our new on-line continuing education certificate course:

Discover Your Inclusive Leadership Potential

  • Choose our guided group expedition (40 hours over 10 weeks)
  • or our self-guided journey (30 hours beginning as soon as you enroll with up to 6 months to complete)

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Who this online course is for:

Discover Your Inclusive Leadership Potential is designed as a continuing education certificate course for individuals and groups from diverse backgrounds who value inclusion and diversity education in today’s world. This well-researched and successfully piloted online course is for people of all ages, cultures and other backgrounds who are searching for more tools for Building Bridges toward respect, peace, justice and well-being in our diverse communities:

  • educators and other professionals
  • health workers and other service providers
  • volunteers, students and all community members

“Our environmental, economic, political, social, and spiritual challenges are interconnected, and together we can forge inclusive solutions…Every individual, family, organization, and community has a vital role to play.” (Earth Charter) 

The cost is based on the Inclusive Leadership Co-operative spirit of generosity with participants paying whatever they can afford: $140, $70, or $35. Full sponsorships are available to participants who face financial barriers.

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Click here to read the Review of Discover Your Inclusive Leaderhip Potential Online Course based on feedback from the nineteen new and experienced Inclusive Leaders aged 20 to 75 from four different countries who participated in the Fall 2017 Pilot Course.

Here are excerpts from the review of our pilot course!

“Discover Your Inclusive Leadership Potential is so well presented from start to finish with clear goals, and simple, systematic steps, and excellent content for each module. Each module built on the others beautifully!”

“I congratulate course designer, Dr. Linda Hill. This is such an outstanding accomplishment in your life. You began wanting to write a book and had the vision and adaptive leadership to move into offering an online course that addresses the immediate needs of today and has the potential to reach more people and have a greater impact.”

“I loved this online course and I’m so glad I was giving the opportunity to participate! I could paper a wall with all the useful information about what Inclusive Leadership is and how can we promote and practice inclusion on our daily lives.”

“The Building Bridges template is like gold. I learned that the steps I’m following in my daily life are right, and found the structure I was looking for in planning and facilitating my own groups and workshops.”

“Connecting With Differences taught us the true meaning of humanity and why we’re born different in this planet. The key learning was to relax about differences.”

“As I changed differences into gifts to embrace and learn from, I realized that it is differences that make our world rich.”

“I loved the online workshop on Compassionate Communication with Raj and hope that other founders of Inclusive Leadership can be invited to facilitate online workshops in the future.”

“Learning the ABCs of Anti-Discrimination First Aid was really thought provoking. How amazing it is to see that it just takes one person to step forward with a calm manner to completely change the tone of an exchange and provide an example for others to follow.”

“Action Planning was an encouraging and fun festival of choices….I liked the freedom to be at different stages with different endeavours….We were able to read through the stages of change, and honour the stage that we are each at. It really allowed for a sense of self-reflection about not over-committing….I liked that, no matter where a person was at, there was some action they could take….I appreciated the opportunity to do an honest assessment, set one little goal and actually do some planning. “

“The interactive participating and connecting with a diverse group of people every week brought the course to life and was also the biggest challenge because of the time involved….We think it is brilliant that there is now a self-guided, totally self-paced version of this course for different styles of learning or for anyone who finds it difficult to fit in time for interaction each week. However, without the Discussion Forum, mentoring and other interactions, this version will likely be more like reading a book. ”

“I discovered that networking and reaching out to others are at the heart of creating inclusion in our communities. I feel warmly embraced by a community of leaders dedicated to creating an inclusive world.”

“This is a journey towards creating resilient, sustainable and thriving communities by participating, volunteering, mentoring, and facilitating service in community.,,,When we get past our own prejudices, bias and judgments, then, we are able to truly know each other and what wants to happen will emerge. “

“Thank all of you so much for this great trip, I’m so grateful for your support , your magical words, your seeds which grew into me with self confidence , hope and love! I’m a Tunisian student. Thank you so much for sponsoring me. I’m so grateful. If you are able to continue making this course free for people from countries such as mine, it will be great.”

“Imagine the world where all people feel they have a role in leadership; leading, learning, and living in a whole new way! I am LOVING this course and am grateful for the helpful tools this course has given me.”

If you have read right to the end of this post, you may be ready to Discover Your Inclusive Leadership Potential!

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