What are the benefits of Membership in the Inclusive Leadership Co-operative?

The ILC is a non-profit, community service co-operative association that is cultivated by our members.

  • Guide how the ILC contributes to a world wide movement of individuals and groups engaged in life-enriching and life-sustaining activities.
  • Learn about Participatory Action Research and Appreciative Inquiry by participating in ILC meetings and volunteering for ILC activities
  • Put your Inclusive Leadership skills into practice within a supportive mutual mentoring community of Inclusive Leaders from diverse backgrounds

What does membership require?

The Inclusive Leadership Co-operative is owned and cultivated by its members.  A membership share costs $20. Members share leadership in planning, organizing, carrying out and participating in Inclusive Leadership events and projects. Members assist with networking by inviting people who are passionate about social diversity and biodiversity to get involved. Members post news and articles about Inclusive Leadership on the website and the Inclusive Leadership Facebook page.

How do I join?

The first step is to participate in an Inclusive Leadership Co-operative event. Once you make an informed decision to join the Inclusive Leadership Co-operative, the next step is to complete this Membership Application. One of our members will respond to you as soon as possible.