Mar 24-April 28 – Inclusive Leadership Facilitation Practice Group

Are you concerned about oppression and marginalization? Do you value diversity and inclusion? Have you participated in our Discover Your Inclusive Leadership Potential online course or in-person Inclusive Leadership education? 

You are invited to join our Inclusive Leadership Facilitation Practice Group.

We are gathering new and experienced facilitators of Inclusive Leadership from around the world into an empowering mutual mentoring alliance of co-learners and co-facilitators of Inclusive Leadership skills.

Where: Participate from anywhere in the world via your computer and internet connection for zoom video conferencing.

When:  Tuesdays March 24 to April 28 (6 weeks) 9:00 am to 11:00 am Pacific Daylight Savings Time (4:00 pm to 6:00 pm Coordinated Universal Time).

Time Commitment: 2 hours per week participating in the zoom meetings. 1 hour per week (self paced) of follow up activities and discussions in the “Making It Easy” Discussion Forum that accompanies our Practice Group.

What We Will Do: Our Inclusive Leadership Facilitation Practice Group is designed as a peer-to-peer approach to practicing our facilitation skills within an encouraging and supportive mutual learning community. Our purpose is to learn, mentor, practice, support and encourage each other to cultivate our skills and understandings for facilitating social and environmental justice education.

During each meeting we will take turns fulfilling the following Inclusive Leadership roles and responsibilities: role-modeling, facilitating, consulting, recording and needs doula (i.e. attending to the emotional needs of our learning community).

Each meeting has six sections:

  • Networking to get to know each other’s gifts and work in the world.
  • Gathering Activities to create a relaxed, focused community of mutual mentors
  • Challenge by Choice Consultations to build our community and our relationships
  • Skill-Building Facilitation to develop our skills and awareness
  • Action Planning for the next session
  • Preparing for Follow Up by identifying what we plan to take away and apply
  • We support each other to carry out our plans within the “Making It Easy” Discussion Forum

The Inclusive Leadership facilitation skills we will be focusing on developing are:

  • Building Bridges to equality
  • Connecting with differences
  • Communicating with compassion
  • Anti-discrimination First Aid

Click here for more information about Inclusive Leadership skills

Our Inclusive Leadership Facilitation Practice group is a unique opportunity for sharing our skills for embracing the diversity in all living beings as gifts that enrich our earth community and human family. Facilitating Inclusive Leadership education transforms ourselves, our communities, and the world.

Cost: Spirit of Generosity Pricing

  • I can pay it forward by being a sponsor: $140
  • This price is affordable for me: $70
  • I require a partial sponsorship: $35
  • I require a full sponsorship. I will invest my time: $0

Ready to Register?  Email Lindsay at with your name, the country/time zone you are from, any questions you may have, and the participant fee you are comfortable paying.