February 24 12:30 to 2:00 Workshops

Friday, February 24 Workshop Descriptions

Workshop 1: Skills for Connecting With Differences:  Join Kix Citton in exploring, sharing and celebrating differences as gifts that enrich individuals, communities, and the world. Kix’s playful, experiential education approach will engage you in cultivating your own skills for relaxing, daring to be different, joining diverse circles, leaving out losing, refocusing and reframing and following the leaders behind you.  You will leave with some new co-operative games and activities to share with your students, colleagues, and groups you facilitate.

Workshop 2: Compassionate Communication: Art Phipps is a registered clinical counsellor who considers Inclusive Leadership to be the foundation of the way he works as a counsellor. “Diversity, as it is experienced within Inclusive Leadership, is a living, breathing part of each and every person. Just as there is diversity in every person, there is leadership in every person, humanity in every person, and these are the common bonds that link us together to become stronger and brighter in caring for people and the planet.” Art’s workshop will focus on the core compassionate communication skills of deep listening to feelings and values, empathy, appreciative inquiry, self care, and respectful boundaries.

Workshop 3: What Do We Do? Anti Discrimination First Aid: Just as we can all learn Physical First Aid Skills in case of an accident, we can all learn Emotional First Aid skills in case of an incident of discrimination. Join Linda Hill in learning how to stand up for each other instead of standing by. A is for Assess the Situation and Advocate if needed. B is for take a Break. C is for Communicate Concerns with Care. D is for Debrief and Defuse. E is for Ethical Witnessing. F is for Form a Circle of Support. These are essential skills for shifting situations that are unfair and hurtful back toward safety, respect, equality and joy for everyone.

Workshop 4: One Step Forward: Worlds Apart: 


IMG_3680Workshop 4: Connecting with Nature: Learning to help ourselves and others live in harmony with natural systems. Come outdoors with John Scull to experience the natural beauty of the setting through guided meditation and shared reflection. Learn the essentials of ecopsychology and experience benefits of a mindful, feelingful, and spiritual connection to the natural world. Learn how easy and rewarding it can be to connect with the magnificent diversity of cultures and life-forms in nature. Dress for the weather and wear sturdy shoes.  John Scull is a founding member of the International Community for Eco-psychology and a local leader with Cowichan Community Land Trust, Cowichan Valley Naturalists’ Society, Canadian Mental Health Association and the Inclusive Leadership Co-operative.


What people have to say about Inclusive Leadership:

“I’ve been teaching for sixteen years…The training in facilitating and mentoring Inclusive Leadership gave me the skills and confidence I need to facilitate participatory workshops. (Christine Fagan, ESL Teacher).

“Each year Inclusive Leadership has been incredibly instrumental in our school’s connectedness and our students and staff commitments to social and environmental responsibility.” (Gillian Berry, Teacher, Cowichan Secondary School, SD79)

“Inclusive Leadership has helped our students and staff develop an inclusive culture based on respect for diversity…Inclusive Leadership is a applicable to our staff as it is to our students.” (Larry Mattin, Principal, Adult and Alternate Education, SD,79)

“Inclusive Leadership is a new paradigm built on trust, value, desire for change, vision and confidence to make that change”. (Charlyne Smilinski, Instructor, College of New Caledonia Vanderhoof, BC)

“Inclusive Leadership is a crash course on community and possibility that I love being part of. I’ve been trying to work Inclusive Leadership skills into everything I do…Every time I do that, I see a glimpse of possibility – even if it’s brief – of the compassionate world we are trying to create.” (Moss Dance, Youth Worker, Campbell River).

“Inclusive Leadership focuses on what gives life to community-building, communicating needs and solutions….It brings people of all ages to the table, circle or forum. It celebrates what works, and gives room for dreaming, designing and celebrating.” (Wedlidi Speck, Director of Aboriginal Service Change, Government of BC).

“I have been to Buddhist Temples that show monks meditating. To me Inclusive Leadership is similar to meditation for the mind, in that it is meditation for the heart.” (Shuwei Wang, International Student)