April 12 to 14 2019 Inclusive Leadership Adventure Itinerary

Inclusive Leadership Adventures at Cowichan Lake Education Centre, Vancouver Island, BC are as life-changing as travelling to different countries around the world. This was our itinerary for April 12 to 14, 2019


Friday, April 12

1:00 Registration and settling in

2:00 Opening Circle and Inclusive Community-Building Activities

6:00 Dinner and a chance to meet different people

7:00 Heart to Heart Groups

8:00 Presenting Our Differences as Gifts to the Community

9:00 Inclusive and Welcoming Free Time

10:00 Quiet Time

11:00 Lights Out

Saturday, April 13 

8:00 Breakfast

8:45 Inclusive Community Building

10:00 Challenge By Choice: Choose One Workshop

  • Refocusing and Reframing through movement and theatre games
    with Lindsay Beal
  • Connecting with Diversity by Exploring Virtues and Non-Violent Communication with Betty Doherty
  • Connecting with Diversity by Journeying into the Heart of Nature with John Scull
  • Building Inclusive Teams that are Enriched by Diversity with Kix Citton

12:00 Lunch and a chance to interact with different people and get outside

1:15 Return to the Circle for After Lunch Community- Building

1:45 Challenge By Choice Workshops: Choose One

  • We Are All Part of Nature on Land and Water with Jenny Ferris (Dress for getting wet and muddy)
  • Becoming Heroes of Our Own Lives: Sharing Stories About Discovering our Powers with Linda Hill and Michael Jacobsen
  • The Art of Belonging: Exploring diversity and inclusion through art with Tina Fabbro
  • Exploring the Earth Charter with John Scull
  • Healing Food Addiction: An Inclusive Leadership Approach with Tara Jordan

3:30 Drop In to these Opportunities to prepare for our Inclusive and Welcoming Community Celebration

  • Art Studio
  • Music Making
  • Co-operative Games
  • Story-Sharing
  • Exploring the Great Outdoors
  • Campfire

5:30 Dinner and a chance to interact with different people

6:30 to 7:30 Heart to Heart Groups

7:30 to 7:45 Transition time

7:45 Inclusive Community Celebration

9:30 Inclusive and Welcoming Free Time

10:00 Quiet Time

11:00 Lights Out

Sunday, April 14

8:00 Breakfast

8:45 Heart to Heart Groups

9:45 Transition to Action Planning

10:00 Action Planning

12:15 Closing Circle

12:45 Lunch and a chance to connect with someone you haven’t connected with yet

1:30 Clean up and good-byes.

2:00 Time to go home