ILC Annual Gathering Workshops. 

Workshops to choose during our Annual Inclusive Leadership Co-operative Gathering

IMG_5605Strengthening Groups and Teams by Connecting With Differences:  Join co-founder Kix Citton in exploring the power of co-operative play for exploring, sharing and celebrating differences as gifts. Cultivate skills for relaxing, daring to be different, joining diverse circles, leaving out losing, refocusing and reframing and following the leaders behind you. Leave this workshop with games and activities that bring out the best in everyone’s differences. Kix brings 20 years of experience and training in building healthy inclusive communities to all her workshops.

dscn1314Communicating with Compassion:  Another co-founder, Art Phipps (on the right) will share Inclusive Leadership skills that are the foundation of the way he works as a counsellor. “Diversity, as it is experienced within Inclusive Leadership, is a living, breathing part of each and every person. Just as there is diversity in every person, there is leadership in every person, humanity in every person, and these are the common bonds that link us together to become stronger and brighter in caring for people and the planet.”  Art’s workshop will focus on deep listening to feelings and values, empathy, appreciative inquiry, communicating boundaries and care for self and others.

img_5895What Do We Do? Anti Discrimination First Aid:  Click here and spend 2 minutes watching our “What Do You Do?” Video  It’s not what you do, it’s what WE do. Just as we can learn to respond with Physical First Aid Skills in case of an accident, we can learn to respond with Emotional First Aid Skills in case of an incident of discrimination. Join co-founder Linda Hill in learning the ABCs of what to do to help shift situations that are unfair and hurtful back toward safety, respect, equality and joy. A for Assess the Situation and also for Asserting Access Rights. B is for take a Break. C is for Communicate Concerns with Care. D is for Debrief and Defuse. E is for Ethical Witnessing. F is for Form a Circle of Support.

img_5817-2Workshop 4: One Step Forward – Worlds Apart: Linda McDaniels is another founding member of the ILC who brings a passion for exploring how world history and our personal past can shape how we live our lives. How can Inclusive Leaders manage the stresses and challenges involved in striving to shift groups and communities toward connection, inclusion, and justice for all living beings? Linda will guide participants on an intriguing inter-planetary cultural simulation aimed at building awareness about complexities involved in developing relationships across diverse cultures.

IMG_3680Connecting with Nature: Learning to help ourselves and others live in harmony with natural systems. Come outdoors with co-founder John Scull to experience the natural beauty of the setting through guided meditation and shared reflection. Learn the essentials of ecopsychology and experience benefits of a mindful, feelingful, and spiritual connection to the natural world. Learn how easy and rewarding it can be to connect with the magnificent diversity of cultures and life-forms in nature. Dress for the weather and wear sturdy shoes.  John Scull is a founding member of the International Community for Eco-psychology and a local leader with Cowichan Community Land Trust, Cowichan Valley Naturalists’ Society, Canadian Mental Health Association and the Inclusive Leadership Co-operative.

The World Comm-Unity Flag: Co-creating Unity Flags together is a creative, social call for peace, reconciliation and planetary restoration. Diana Lindley has been guiding groups to create and give away Community Flags since 1996. As they pass from hand to hand, community to community we are all reminded to appreciate our natural systems of Earth, Air, Water, Sun, Sky and Space: the unifying elements on which All Peoples, All Nations, All Life depend.

Inclusive Art Studio: Terri Beaton and Daniel Collins will guide you to discover your inner artist in their inclusive art studio focused on collaborative, co-operative and individual creativity. Everyone will experience safety, respect, freedom of choice and a whole lot of fun playing and creating. Terri is an access advocate with Headway, Victoria, BC and an artist who loves supporting families to create arts and crafts at Whitecrow Village Camps where she volunteers. Daniel is an artist, photographer, intercultural educator and experienced Inclusive Leader who recently returned to Canada after ten years teaching at international schools in Nepal and Bhutan.

Council of All Beings: Joy Emmanuel will bring humans together with more-than-human beings in this workshop based on the Reconnecting With Life work of Joanna Macy. Joy is the Co-operative Developer who helped develop the ILC into a community-service co-operative in 2013. She teaches co-operative development and is the editor of a fabulous text-book: Concern for Community: The Relevance of Co-operatives to Peace.

Motion Ways: is an inclusive class facilitated by ILC Board Member, Lindsay Beal where the pace is self-determined, instruction is minimal, and following is optional. Music and suggestions for movement facilitate creativity and mindfulness in an atmosphere of experimentation and fun. For over 25 years, Lindsay has been leading programs for individuals ranging from toddlers to seniors and who may have identified with being bright, ill, gifted, or injured; currently coordinating Parkinson’s and Epilepsy Programs in Victoria, BC. Lindsay facilitates inclusion and empowerment by focusing on recreation, personal empowerment, and creative expression in writing, dance and visual art.

A Decision That May Affect the Rest of Your Life: Rod Keays will present a story where you will be asked to reflect and make an important decision about sharing that might affect the rest of your life. Sharing is what Inclusive Leadership is all about, yet we often hold back. Come explore trust and some of the other reasons we hold back. Discover what we can do to share more. Rod is an adult educator of Men’s Studies. He is the author of The Naturally Good Man and the Ten Thousand Blades of Life: A Book About Male Purpose. Rod teaches that, “When you face the reality of men’s issues you will change civilization”

Good Morning Yoga!:
Katie Sayers (on the left) invites you to wake up to your inner wisdom; to listen and honor your body in the moment; to nourish your mind through awareness of your breath and to care for your soul in moving and seated meditation.  “And as we practice in community, we will strengthen our unity.”

Katie is the ILC’s Community Relations Builder and Registrar for the Annual Gathering. Katie combines her extensive training and experience in community-development, leadership, and yoga to build inclusive, welcoming, and unified communities where ever she goes.

Good Morning Meditation:

Daniel Collins will guide you to meditate by focusing on your breathing. Daniel guides new meditators to settle into an erect and relaxed posture, count breaths, notice ‘thinking” and do body scans. Daniel is a teacher who recently returned to Canada after ten years of teaching in International Schools and studying Buddhist meditation in Nepal and Bhutan.

Beyond Disability with Lou and Lew: What is it like being disabled? What is it like living with a disabled person? What will it take to build the kind of society where disabled people are recognized as people and included fully in regular everyday life? Find out at Lou and Lew’s  workshop! Hey, we will even let you try out a wheelchair and one of those cool electric scooters! Lewis and Louise Beck are experienced Inclusive Leaders and musicians from Nanaimo, BC.

Inclusive Community Time/Exclusive Screen Time – Find your balance: An interactive gaming, gambling and social media awareness workshop where participants will experientiall explore the links, myths and realities regarding our attachment to our personal devices, gaming and gambling, and how these attachments impact our relationships. In trying to “connect” and feel “included”, we risk feeling excluded and isolated. Karen Hlady works in gambling awareness with all ages. Her work in gambling awareness is grounded in her career experience in relational child & youth care practice since 1994.