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Following the Leaders Behind Us

IMG_1717This post submitted by Linda Hill honours Harold Nahanee (1953-2010) for his leadership based on “following the leaders behind him.”

Over the years since Harold and I became intercultural bridge-building buddies in high school, I have thought a lot about what he taught me. I have come to view the Inclusive Leadership skill of “following the leaders behind us” as one of the key skills for opening doors to  justice, healing, reconciliation and peace. The act of inviting leaders in the background to come forward and then following those leaders is powerful. Following the leaders behinds us builds strong bridges across gaps between marginalization and privilege. As we walk together back and forth across those bridges, we are changing the world. Continue reading

Banners toting “Trump for President” notwithstanding, let us hope that an inclusive Force, present in us all, Awakens this holiday season.

(Submitted by Georgia Collins)

The Star Wars obsession continues. This time, rather than the typical month of May release date, people are given the space and time to relish in their galactic delights during their holiday hiatus.

We see images of glassy eyed marathon movie-goers, as droves devour each and every hour of the Star Wars saga in preparation to watch “The Force Awakens.”

Crowd watching movie in theatre

So, does the Force, in fact, Awaken?

I have not yet had the opportunity to watch it and I can’t help but wonder how does this new film compare to the original trilogy, or to the prequels that followed. What kind of imagery is created, what class structures are present and how are race and gender represented in a film that comes nearly 40 years after it’s beginnings.

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Inclusive Leadership Via Distance Education

IMG_2631Linda Hill here with a question. Can Inclusive Leadership be shared through books and on-line courses?  I have always agreed with Confucius that experience is the best teacher, At the same time I love learning from books and the internet. I am intrigued by distance education courses that engage students through reading, writing, exercises, assignments, activities and quizzes. Is this also a form of experiential education?

Several years ago, my book: Connecting Kids: Exploring Diversity Together was chosen as the text book for Everyone Welcome: Diversity in Early Childhood and School-Age ProgramsEveryone Welcome is one of 80 courses offered by The Care Courses School, a distance education school that has taught more than 100,000 child care providers and other professionals, parents, foster parents, volunteers, and many others who care about and care for kids. Each year over 100 of these students complete the Everyone Welcome course. I wonder how many of them are continuing to develop their own Inclusive Leadership skills while facilitating and mentoring Inclusive Leadership development in children? This would be an interesting research project for a child and youth care student to take on.

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Belonging and Contributing

IMG_8482Malanya Hanson is student at Frances Kelsey Secondary School in the Cowichan Valley, Vancouver Island, BC who has received two Junior Student Service awards and two Leader of Tomorrow awards for her volunteer work at school and in the community. She is currently volunteering at the local hospital and working at “getting good enough grades to go to college and become a registered nurse.”

Her guest blog describes how Inclusive Leadership has influenced her life and her career goals.

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The Impact On My Life After All These Years

1378707_646188332087475_2055837202_n (2)Stanley Daniels is a Youth Worker and Life-Skills Worker in Canim Lake BC.

Stanley recently wrote to us to inquire about Inclusive Leadership events coming up in 2015. “I attended one of your Inclusive Leadership Adventures a very long time ago. After all these years it still has impact on my life. I would be very interested in bringing youth to your program.” We were delighted hear from Stanley and invited him to write more about the impact of Inclusive Leadership on his life since 2005.   mar 2005 024 (640x480)

Thinking back to 2005, I remember the feeling of peace, serenity, belonging and kindness. It was the beginning of understanding and appreciating what Inclusion meant; That even though we are all different, we share a common theme of wanting to belong and having gifts to offer to one another.

Inclusive Leadership has definitely helped shape who I am as a person, and what I value in another person. I have learned to look at another person beyond their titles, status, race, or any other difference. It certainly developed a true leadership principle of inclusion and contribution as well as acceptance.

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Inclusive Leadership in Cameroon and Canada

elke cole photoElke Cole is one of the few Inclusive Community Builders we know who actually builds buildings. Elke travels the world supporting positive change through Natural Design, Natural Building, and inclusive Community-Building workshops based on curiosity and appreciation for the gifts each person brings. She writes: “I’m still moving around between Africa and Europe- hopefully practicing what I learned (through Inclusive Leadership.”

Elke extends two invitations to “Make this year your year to make a difference.”

  1. Internship with Elke ColeElke has created an opportunity for people from around the world to join her and local craftspeople from Bafut for a Natural Building Internship in Cameroon. Click here to learn about this exciting life-changing opportunity December 8, 2014 to March 1, 2015.
  2. Elke Cole circle-aroundIn May, 2015 Elke will be returning to OUR Ecovillage, Shawnigan Lake, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada for a season of natural building and teaching modules. Click here to check out opportunities to participate in the Natural Building Extravaganza May 16, 2015 until July 3, 2015.




Inclusive Leadership in Action in San Diego

Christy Tweedy art in the park“People chose to sit down and connect with us. Chose to be accepted. Chose to be viewed as being enough. To sit and embrace their inner creative. To share their uniqueness and gifts. To be present with themselves and others. That is what community building is to me. That is healing. That is connection. That is my passion.”

Inclusive Leader, Christy Tweedy returned to San Diego after spending the summer in Canada exploring inclusive community building, organic farming, and connecting with nature.  Art in the Park is only one of many, many ways she is involved in forging inclusive solutions since coming home. Click here to read her blog.

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Inclusive Leaders at the CIS ONE WORLD FESTIVAL Oct 18

1World Fest-1Inclusive Leaders, your friends, families, and colleagues who live on Vancouver Island in Canada (or who happen to be visiting!) are invited to show up in Duncan on Saturday, October 18th from 11 to 4 to experience a festival that aims to “enrich, educate, and inspire people to work together to create a healthier and more inclusive community.”  As Inclusive Leader and Festival Organizer Pema Wangchen says, This is going to be great.”

Click here for more information

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Inclusive Leadership and the Earth Charter

August 2014 ILG (117)The global framework for the Inclusive Leadership Co-operative is the International Earth Charter. Our decisions and activities are guided by the Earth Charter pillars of respect and care for the community of life, ecological integrity, social and economic justice, democracy, non-violence and peace.  August 2014 ILG (124)

We were invited to write an article about the August 2014 Inclusive Leadership Gathering. The article has now been published on the Earth Charter Website. Click here to read the article.