Making Inclusive Leadership Easy

Facilitating Inclusive Leadership means making it easy for the children, youth and adults in our lives to connect with the magnificence of social diversity and biodiversity safely, respectfully, equally and peacefully. With the help of funding from the Department of Canadian Heritage, we have been able to follow 65 volunteers who have been facilitating Inclusive Leadership since April 2019. Click here to read about the Strengthening Bridges to Inclusion Project.

Who are these champions of diversity and inclusion who are transforming our communities by guiding children, youth and adults to embrace diversity? What are Inclusive Leaders doing to make it easy for anyone to live, learn and lead more inclusively in our diverse communities? What vital roles are Inclusive Leaders playing in shifting our troubled world from this time of great peril to an age of great promise?

Inclusive Leadership Facilitators are ordinary people such as you and me. Inclusive Leadership Facilitators are:

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Inclusive Leaders Are On A Journey

Inclusive Leaders become facilitators of Inclusive Leadership by travelling through our communities, showing up over and over again to participate in and co-facilitate inter-generational, intercultural peer-to-peer Inclusive Leadership Education – on Vancouver Island and online.

Click here to read about the journey from experiencing Inclusive Leadership to facilitating Inclusive Leadership.

We took a look back at what Inclusive Leaders are showing up for. During the past 9 months these 65 volunteer Inclusive Leaders from the Inclusive Leadership Co-operative have co-facilitated 14 Inclusive Leadership Education events and workshops for more than 500 children, youth and adults:

Monthly Online Heart to Heart Inclusive Leadership Cafes:

Our annual Inclusive Leadership Adventure weekend

Our Discover Your Inclusive Leadership Potential Online Course

Inclusive Team Building Workshops for some wonderful non-profit societies committed to embracing diversity.

Connecting with Differences at school and in the community through Co-operative Games, Art, and Music

Showing Up For Human Rights and Environmental Rights

Facilitating Inclusive Leadership makes it seem almost easy to be the changes we want to see in the world

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