Inclusive Leadership: Skills for Embracing Diversity

Take a moment to imagine cycling, walking, driving, or taking a bus through your neighbourhood one morning. Perhaps you are on your way to school, work, or a meeting. Maybe you are going shopping, doing errands, or on your way to to meet a friend at a park or recreation centre. Now imagine that, along the way and even after you arrive at your destination, everything is the same as it has always been except for one thing. That one change is this…

People are no longer reacting against differences as problems to fight against, avoid or even solve. Instead, everyone is accepting and appreciating differences in other people and in nature as gifts to value and treasure.

This is the vision of the Inclusive Leadership Co-operative. We are a non-profit community service cooperative that cultivates and nurtures Inclusive Leadership development as a life-enriching, community-building practice. By developing our skills for embracing the diversity in all living beings as gifts that enrich the world, people of all ages and backgrounds can become more and more connected, compassionate, and courageous in caring for each other and all living beings on Earth.

Inclusive Leadership Education teaches four sets of skills for embracing diversity in all living beings as gifts that enrich the world.

  • Skills for Building Bridges to Equality
  • Skills for Connecting With Differences
  • Skills for Communicating With Compassion
  • Skills for responding to hurtful situations with Anti-Discrimination First Aid

Relaxing is the skill that flows underneath all of these skills. Intentional relaxing disarms instinctive fight/flight/freeze reactions against differences. With defenses down and guards lowered, it is safe for everyone to open up to learning with and from each other. When it is safe to explore, share and celebrate diversity people become more connected, compassionate and courageously committed to tending and befriending each other and all living beings.

Making the choice to learn and practice Inclusive Leadership skills is similar to choosing to get a driver’s license, play a sport, join an orchestra, or learn a new language. On the one hand, the skills involved in becoming a socially and environmentally responsible Inclusive Leader are complex and challenging. It takes time and practice to become accomplished. On the other hand, Inclusive Leadership skills are possible, positive, and life enriching skills that can be learned, practiced and developed to the point that they become second nature.

One enjoyable way to get involved is to participate in our online course: “Discover Your Inclusive Leadership Potential” . Join with new and experienced Inclusive Leaders in learning and practicing Inclusive Leadership skills. Inclusive Leadership skills change the world from the inside out – starting within each person and rippling outward to our families, friends, schools, work-places, neighbourhoods, communities and wild places.