Inclusive Leaders in Fiji

One of the best parts of getting involved in Inclusive Leadership Online Education is getting to know other champions of diversity and inclusion from around the world. Here is a glimpse of four fantastic Inclusive Leaders from Fiji.

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Temo Sasau works tirelessly bringing together community members who have disabilities, community members who live with HIV, politicians, service providers, educators, church leaders and everyone in Pacific Island communities.  His goal is to build bridges of dignity, equality and access to services and needed medications throughout Fiji and the Pacific Islands. “One of the things that will stick with me is about being inclusive even when I am stuck. When I am faced with a crisis, argument, commotion or distraction from implementing a plan. Instead of asking, what should I do, I will ask, What CAN WE DO!!! “

Apolosi Ranawai Lasei joined the Inclusive Leadership course with the goal of building his confidence and skills for changing the world from the inside out. He began by sharing his personal story of surviving childhood abuse and the stigma of living with HIV. Now that he is an experienced Inclusive Leader, he has also become a poetic advocate for addressing climate change and culture change. Our journey and our life is a story that we live to tell. Our experience. Our hardship. These are our letters to our future children in terms of how we overcame it . Our culture and how we see it changed. Climate change and how we are seeing it destroy our homes in the Pacific. Walk with me and know my past . See the pain and feel the change. We are the change.” 

Sarita Dutt combines Inclusive Leadership skills for Building Bridges to equality, Connecting with differences, and Communicating with compassion with her other community building skills. In her day to work she focuses on addressing gender equity, inter-generational bridge-building, cultural diversity with the mantra: no one left behind. “Practice, Practice, Practice makes Perfect …I will continue to practice Inclusive Leadership ways forward in all the aspects of work we do. Knowledge will keep on increasing with practice so for sure I am looking forward for positive outcomes as I work in unity by holding hands to close all the gaps of difference and to create a beautiful world around me.”

Kim Bowden Kerby invites travelers from around the world into her inclusive and welcoming home-stay experience in rural Fiji. Visitors have the opportunity to take a break from technology and connect with social diversity, biodiversity and life-sustaining ways of living within the Bowden-Kerby’s multicultural extended family farmstead. “I am so heartened by the spirit animating everyone here in the Inclusive Leadership community – a desire to connect the whole planet with love and harmony.” Click here to watch a documentary about their farm – even a few minutes is such a treat.