Picturing Inclusive Leadership Skills

Submitted by Linda Hill

During a meaningful and enjoyable Visual Facilitation workshop with Mireille van Bremen, I learned that the foundation of visual facilitation involves learning and practicing the Visual Alphabet. The heart of visual facilitation is empathic listening and the art is visual metaphors. Facilitate means ‘to make easy’ and Mireille certainly did that! By the end of the weekend, I was feeling much more at ease with and relaxed about my potential to become more and more visually literate. Just like any language, it is possible to communicate at a basic level quite quickly. Fluent visual communication takes practice.

Here are my drawings of seven Inclusive Leadership skills for Connecting with Differences. Can you get a picture of what each skill means? Can you see some of the Visual Alphabet basics such as circles, lines, and arches? Can you feel my empathic listening to the heart of each of these skills? Can you see a few visual metaphors in action?  Click here for more information about these and other Inclusive Leadership Skills.