Inviting You to Discover Your Inclusive Leadership Potential Online!

Submitted by Linda Hill

What an incredible time I am having sharing leadership with experienced and emerging Inclusive Leaders who have joined our online guided expedition: “Discover Your Inclusive Leadership Potential!”

Our new online course is such a satisfying way of carrying out the Inclusive Leadership Co-operative’s mission to bring together people from diverse backgrounds to nurture and mentor Inclusive Leadership development in ourselves, our communities and our world. I am enjoying myself so much that I am continuing to facilitate the course Discussion Forum throughout my summer camping vacation.

If you haven’t signed up yet, now is the time to enroll in one of the essential diversity education adventures of our time. If you have participated before, you are welcome to return to earn your mentoring certificate.

We developed this online Inclusive Leadership education course because our increasingly diverse and complex world needs leaders who have global awareness combined with effective skills for living, learning and leading inclusively in our own local communities. By developing skills, awareness and action plans for bringing our differences together, we can forge inclusive solutions to our interconnected social diversity and biodiversity challenges.

What questions are participants asking?

  • What can I do about prejudice, inequality, discrimination and other forms of social and environmental injustice?
  • How can I build my skills to become more inclusive in guiding children, youth or adults at school, work or in a community setting to shift from exclusion to inclusion?
  • How can I build an inclusive team team at work, school, or in the community that is enriched by our diversity?
  • How can I think globally and stand up locally for the magnificence of social diversity and biodiversity on our precious planet?

Who is participating?

Now that participants can begin this course as soon as they enroll,  our global online Inclusive Leadership community is growing in leaps and bounds.  So far we have welcomed 145 people from 15 countries on 5 continents. We come from so many different cultures, life experiences and life circumstances.

New people join us every day. Our current online community of 45 experienced and emerging Inclusive Leaders includes: Students, educators, researchers, politicians, professionals, business administrators, social entrepreneurs, travelers, consultants, community volunteers, advocates and support workers. Most of us have signed up individually and we have three study-groups of people from the same organization who have enrolled together. We are learning with each other and from each other about our passions and concerns including social justice, environmental justice, advocacy, poverty, addressing power imbalances, human rights, and being allies to individuals and groups that are so often marginalized and dis-empowered within mainstream societies. Together we are developing and practicing our Inclusive Leadership skills for caring for people and our planet while creating and carrying out our own positive, possible and personally meaningful action plans for realizing our Inclusive Leadership potential in our local communities.

“I am so grateful for this top-notch course that the world needs more of.  How about if each and every person in areas such as Uganda undertook a basic course in understanding inclusiveness? Would we learn not to be harsh while connecting with different people? Would this lead to a society where everyone is welcomed?”  (Joanita Babirye, Founder and Director, Rainbow Smiles Foundation, Uganda)

“Imagine the world where all people feel they have a role in leadership; leading, learning, and living in a whole new way! I am grateful for the helpful tools this course has given me.” (Lynn Smith, Farmer, Support Worker and Musician, BC, Canada).

“Many individuals and organizations hold the values of acceptance, inclusion, and respect for social diversity and biodiversity but have not really looked at the skills involved in being inclusive so this course is great pro-action.” (Lindsay Beal, Inclusive Leadership Co-operative Board Member).

“Instead of dreaming about changing the world, I began being this changes I wanted to see by tackling poverty in person: from the inside out rather than from the top down. I have found this quest to “Discover Your Inclusive Leadership Potential” to be a mind-blowing affirmation of this inside-out approach.”  (Obinna Echendu, Social/Cultural Entrepreneur, Lagos, Nigeria)

What is the cost?: With our ‘spirit of generosity’ pricing participants pay what they can comfortably afford from $35.00 to $140.00 (Canadian currency). Plus partial and full sponsorships are available to anyone who faces financial barriers.

How to enroll? Click on this link which will take you to our detailed course description so that you can make an informed decision while you scroll down to the enrollment links.