Our Amazing Online Quest to Discover Your Inclusive Leadership Potential!

Submitted by Linda Hill

This is so exciting to be welcoming champions of diversity and inclusion from around the world to our online quest to Discover Your Inclusive Leadership Potential!

We are very proud to have created a meaningful participatory, interactive online guided expedition for champions of diversity and inclusion that is flexible,  self-paced and easily accessible from anywhere in the world at any time via your computer. Click on this link for details.

Now we are reaching out to you for help with inviting champions of diversity and inclusion to participate. One of the first things Inclusive Leaders learn is that people from diverse backgrounds do not gather together automatically. Bringing diverse groups together involves extensive personalized word of mouth networking. We hope you will show up in this online quest and enrich our global online learning community with your diverse gifts. We hope you will invite others to show up with you. Please personally invite your colleagues, students, allies, friends and family to discover our online course. Please share this post with your email and social media contacts. With your help, emerging and experienced leaders from around the world will discover this amazing online guided expedition to Discover Your Inclusive Leadership Potential.

Inclusive Leadership for our Global Village has grown out of more than two decades of Participatory Action Research and Education with thousands of adults, youth, and children from diverse backgrounds who mostly live on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada. In 2016, a group of us began dreaming about adapting our awesome in-person Inclusive Leadership education into equally awesome online learning experiences. For the past two years our compassionate, creative and collaborative team has been working on researching and developing this course. We are so thankful to the 100 champions of diversity and inclusion from around the world who have piloted the Discover Your Inclusive Leadership Potential online quest.

The outcome of our shared leadership is an amazing online learning experience for: 

  • Educators, professionals, volunteers, students, emerging leaders and experienced leaders from diverse backgrounds who are passionate about Building Bridges toward social and environmental well-being in our diverse communities.
  • Advocates, allies, activists, peace-builders, and other citizens who are taking local action on global issues of discrimination, injustice, mistreatment, isolation, exploitation and other forms of exclusion are damaging people and our planet
  • “Every individual, family, organization and community has a vital role to play. The arts, sciences, religions, educational institutions, media, businesses, non-governmental organizations and governments are all called to offer creative leadership.” (Earth Charter).  

The time commitment is 4-5 hours per week for two stretches of 4 weeks each. From the start, you will find that experiential online education is much more than watching videos and reading. You will learn by participating in experiential learning activities. You will be encouraged to connect what you learn to what you already know and what you already do by reflecting and journaling. You will be sharing insights with Inclusive Leaders from around the world in our vibrant Discussion Forum. You will develop your own positive, possible, and practical action plan for living, learning and leading more inclusively in your own diverse community. You will be invited to join new and experienced Inclusive Leaders live for compassionate conversations in our monthly Heart-to-Heart Video Cafe.

With the field of Inclusive Leadership as your map and the international Earth Charter as your global compass, you will travel through all four corners of the field of Inclusive Leadership, making many discoveries about your Inclusive Leadership potential along the way.

Here are a few of the questions explored within this online quest to Discover Your Inclusive Leadership Potential: 

  • What can I do about prejudice, inequality, discrimination, exploitation and other forms of social and environmental injustice?
  • How can I build my skills to become more inclusive in my leadership? 
  • How can I guide children, youth or adults at school, work or in a community setting to shift from exclusion to inclusion?
  • How can I build an inclusive team team at work, school, or in the community that is enriched by our diversity? 
  • How can I live, learn and lead more inclusively in my diverse community? 
  • How can I encourage people to appreciate and value diversity and inclusion as much as I do?

Here are a few of the answers discovered by participants who have piloted this online course: 

“Inclusive Leadership is a medicine for discrimination and injustice. I opened my vision of what a leader is and what inclusive leadership can do to empower people and bring together differences.” (Claudia Sanchez, Full Communication Practitioner and Facilitator, Colombia).

“I loved the template of Building Bridges that was shared, especially for planning and facilitating workshops. This is like gold: a structure I was looking for” (Katie Sayers, Teacher and Facilitator, BC, Canada).

“I have learned the Importance of compassionate  listening and slowing down to the pace of wisdom. Responding to others’ comments in a more appreciative and respectful way, without bias enhances healthy conversation.” (Tosin Taiwo, Founder, Street2School Initiative, Nigeria).

“I am so grateful for this top-notch course that the world needs more of.  How about if each and every person in areas such as Uganda undertook a basic course in understanding inclusiveness? Would we learn not to be harsh while connecting with different people? Would this lead to a society where everyone is welcomed?”  (Joanita Babirye, Founder and Director, Rainbow Smiles Foundation, Uganda).

One of the things that will stick with me is about being inclusive even when I am stuck. When I am faced with a crisis, argument, commotion or distraction from implementing a plan. Instead of asking, what should I do, I will ask, What CAN WE DO!!! (Temo Sasau, Advocate, Fiji Islands, South Pacific).

“Imagine the world where all people feel they have a role in leadership; leading, learning, and living in a whole new way! I am grateful for the helpful tools this course has given me.” (Lynn Smith, Farmer, Program Leader, Musician, BC, Canada).

Click on this link for more information and to enroll in Discover Your Inclusive Leadership Potential.

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