Sign Up to Discover Your Inclusive Leadership Potential

Registration is underway for our upcoming guided online quest to Discover Your Inclusive Leadership Potential beginning January 24. We are half way to our goal of welcoming thirty champions of diversity and inclusion to embark on this journey together. We encourage you to sign up for this online learning adventure and invite others from across Canada and around the world who are passionate about diversity and inclusion to participate with you. 

Members of the Inclusive Leadership Co-operative have shared leadership in designing Discover Your Inclusive Leadership Potential as Online Participatory Action Diversity Education. We have adapted our renowned Inclusive Leadership experiential workshops into this  guided group expedition for people who want to develop skills and action plans for transforming their communities by embracing diversity.

Perhaps you are wondering if you might be one these champions of diversity and inclusion we are waiting for.

If you have been asking one or more of these questions, then this quest to “Discover Your Inclusive Leadership Potential” will provide positive, practical and meaningful answers.

  • What can I do about prejudice, inequality, discrimination, bullying and other forms of social and environmental injustice?
  • How can I build my skills to become more inclusive in my leadership and mentoring?
  • How can I guide children, youth or adults at school, work or in a community-setting to shift from exclusion to inclusion?
  • How can I build an inclusive team at work, school, or in the community that is enriched by our diversity?
  • How can I live, learn and lead in ways that bring out the best in everyone’s differences?

The time commitment is 4-5 hours per week of self-paced, interactive, online experiential education for one month (Part 1) or two months (Part 1 and Part 2).

We also have a self-guided version of the same course for independent learners & for educators seeking a dynamic, practical curriculum to share with groups.

Who are champions of diversity and inclusion? The 70 people from across Canada and ten more countries who have participated so far include:

  • Educators, service providers, managers, volunteers, students who are looking for new ways of living, learning and leading in your diverse communities. “The videos were excellent. I enjoyed the invitation to journal in all different ways, the questions that helped me look at things from different perspectives, the relaxing into diversity exercises including drawing diversity stars and the forest walk, all the stories of ways to deal with challenging situations, and the strength in our togetherness.” (Betty Doherty, ILC Member). 
  • Activists, allies, and other change-makers who are concerned about injustice, mistreatment, isolation and other forms of exclusion. “When there is discrimination and alienation, there is an injury to the community. What WE do begins to re-establish connections.” (Lindsay Beal, ILC Board Member). 
  • Emerging and experienced Inclusive Leaders who are Building Bridges toward social and environmental well-being in schools, workplaces and community settings. “We are part of a world-wide movement made up of individuals and groups who care about people and the planet in ways that are life-enriching and life-sustaining.” (Kix Citton, ILC Board Member)
  • “Ordinary people such as you and me can develop our skills, awareness and action plans for embracing diversity. The outcome is strong, healthy, vibrant, leader-full communities based on respecting and caring for people and nature.” (Linda Hill, ILC Co-ordinator)

As we prepare for this upcoming guided quest through all four corners of the field of Inclusive Leadership, we are celebrating the feedback from the Inclusive Leaders from ten different countries around the world (so far) who have participated in this quest during our first year. Together we have discovered so much about  living, learning and leading more inclusively in our diverse communities.

“A discovery of new ideas about leadership within a wonderful learning process with practical information and questions, meditation, and journaling.”  (Paul Atsu, Agribusiness/Agricultural  Leader, Ghana, Africa)

“As an advocate and leader within my community and an employee in an organization, striving to be inclusive in its approach, I signed up to this course because I wanted to find out what I needed as a leader to make my approach more inclusive. What I discovered was that to be inclusive, not only do I need to know and be conscious about how I relate to and communicate with people, but also to get the approval and endorsement of the space that I am showing up in – including nature – to provide an atmosphere that will guide my role to be inclusive to individuals and groups.” (Temo Sasau, Advocate, Fiji Islands, South Pacific).

“I am so grateful for this top-notch course that the world needs more of.  How about if each and every person in areas such as Uganda undertook a basic course in understanding inclusiveness? Would we learn not to be harsh while connecting with different people? Would this lead to a society where everyone is welcomed?” (Joanita Babirye, Founder and Director, Rainbow Smiles Foundation, Uganda)

“This material is excellent for using in workshops, classrooms, facilitation settings and more!  I look forward to integrating this materials into my work and volunteer services”.  (Katie Sayers, Community Relations Builder, Facilitator and Yoga Teacher, BC, Canada).

“I signed in for this course to learn to be more inclusive in my work as a community social worker. The online learning platform and dashboard is so well organized that someone who really does not know much about computers can still access it. I enjoyed the videos, the exercises, journaling, reflecting, and the discussion forum for connecting and sharing experiences with the other people in the course. From exposure to other people’s experiences, and by sharing my experience and expertise, I learned how to be a more compassionate, empathic leader.” (Felix Iziomoh, Executive Director of the International Centre for Leadership Development, Nigeria)

Ready to enroll? Click here for a course description and information about our spirit of generosity pricing formula and how to apply for sponsorships.

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