ILC Vision 2019

The Inclusive Leadership Co-operative is a co-operative association that is run by ILC members and friends of the ILC with a mission to bring diverse people together to nurture and mentor Inclusive Leadership development in ourselves, our communities and our world.

We invite you to read over our vision for 2019 and consider where and how you would like to volunteer. Then email us at so that we can welcome your volunteer contributions.

Over the coming year we hope to maintain the solid structures and frameworks that we already have in place by recruiting new board members, finding a new co-ordinator and putting more energy into fund-raising and grant-writing.


We will continue to co-facilitate and host Inclusive Leadership weekends and workshops for commuinty settings, schools and non-profit organizations that value inclusion. We want to support new Inclusive Leaders to become experienced, skilled and capable Inclusive Leaders.  We will organize Inclusive Leadership Facilitator training, share leadership in organizing Inclusive Leadership education events and mentor each other’s progress in cultivating Inclusive Leadership skills. Inclusive Leadership skills are a resource to offer teachers. By training teachers, we will have more influence in schools.

Our Inclusive Leadership online education committee will continue to offer practice groups, our monthly drop-in Heart to Heart Cafe and our Discover Your Inclusive Leadership Potential introductory course. We encourage ILC member to submit blog posts, facebook posts and to invite/encourage/support colleagues and friends to participate in our Inclusive Leadership online offerings.

We want to get better and better at sharing Inclusive Leadership with other champions of diversity and inclusion around the world.

We want to reach out to individuals and groups who are dealing with exclusion, social isolation, depression and social stigma.

We want to continue to cultivate mutual learning relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people. We want to increase the number of new and wonderful Inclusive Leaders who keep showing up.

Diverse people do not gather together automatically which is why the Building Bridges step of Networking (or the art of showing up and inviting others to show up) is such an essential Inclusive Leadership skill.

Our vision for the coming year is that more and more Inclusive Leadership Co-operative members, past participants and other supporters will put effort into networking so that Inclusive Leadership is growing and branching out like a tree rather than just a single vine.

It is exciting to imagine and implement innovative ways that Inclusive Leadership can be offered up in communities that we haven’t thought of before. Online education works well. People also like being present in the room with real people. Let’s explore and research ways of combining our online efforts with local face to face gatherings. Some ideas for new ways of sharing are: local chapters, reviving the Multicultural Leadership Group, form alliances with groups doing similar things such as peacemakers, mental health organizations, environmental organizations, and NVC, and Participatory Action Research!

We look forward to bringing together small groups of adults and children and youth to brain storm about Inclusive Leadership and we are excited about experimenting with introductory social events, fund-raisers and creative challenge by choice workshops and events in our communities.

Our 2019 Vision and Action Plan for the Inclusive Leadership Co-operative was co-created by Betty Doherty, Claudia Sanchez, Donna Sassaman, Graham Fielding, Harriet Greenwood, Janice Milnerwood, Jenny Ferris, John Scull, Joy Emmanuel, Kix Citton, Linda Hill, Lindsay Beal, Maureen Nicholson, Melissa Parker, Neil Dolan, Nola Landucci, Paul Van Goozen, Raj Gill, Sarah Mathison, Susan Norris, Terri Beaton, Tina Fabbro and Tyler Schauz.

Thank you so much to Amy and Tafadzwa Matamba for your space at Little Zimbabwe Farm and to Tafadzwa for these photographs of the Dec 1 part of our Visioning.