Looking back on 2018

For the Inclusive Leadership Co-operative, 2018 has been a year of exploring, sharing, celebrating and stretching to involve more and more people from different generations, cultures and places in developing Inclusive Leadership skills, awareness and action plans for living, learning and leading in our diverse communities.

2018 has been an enriching year of reaching out internationally through our Inclusive Leadership for Our Global Village Online Education offerings. So far over 70 participants from across Canada and ten more countries have participated in our Practice Groups, Heart to Heart Cafes and quests to “Discover Your Inclusive Leadership Potential” 

2018 has also been a year of helping to organize Inclusive Leadership events, and showing up at inclusive and welcoming events in our local Cowichan Region, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada. We acknowledge with deep gratitude that our Inclusive Leadership work is being cultivated on the traditional and unceded territories of the Cowichan Tribes.

ILC Members gathered during November and December 2018 to develop our vision for the Inclusive Leadership Co-operative during the coming year: To be published January 7, 2019.