Action Planning Creates Connected Communities

Submitted by Terri Beaton

A couple of months ago, when I was at an Inclusive Leadership Gathering, I decided to take the Action Planning workshop. I experienced a very different action planning process than I am used to because we started at the end with what we wanted the outcomes to be, and then we went backwards from there.

The end that I had in mind was to raise awareness and funds for bursaries for Whitecrow Village: a camp for individuals with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder and their families in BC, Canada. I have been participating and volunteering with Whitecrow for many years. I wanted to develop a fund-raiser that would give back to this community that has been so amazing and life-changing for our whole family.

Once I shared my Action Plan with my fellow Inclusive Leaders, I realized that part of Action Planning is figuring out who to ask for help. Although I felt shy about making a list of people to share leadership with, the facilitators of the workshop impressed upon me how important this Networking step is in making connections and Building Bridges that lead to success.

Here is the Action Plan I came up with:

What: Walking Feet Fun Run or Walk to raise funds for people to go to Whitecrow Village

When: Saturday, November 24 9:00 am to 12:00 noon.

Where: Rotary Park Picnic Shelter, 1767 Island Highway, Langford, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada.

Once I had my plan in place, it acted like a road map. As I carried out the steps in my plan I made a few adjustments but not many were needed. The big surprise for me is that people are more than happy to help when asked and they are willing to involve their families and friends. People are giving suggestions, helping with organizing, and quite a few people are planning to help by showing up with their Walking Feet to go on the walk itself which you can do by running, walking, wheeling, or participating in the inclusive art activity

As a result of this shared leadership, I have developed a plan that is pretty darned good! This Action Plan has connected me to my Inclusive Leadership community, my Whitecrow Community and my wider community of family and friends. Bringing people’s differences together as gifts is what Inclusive Leadership is all about.

I invite you to come on my walk on November 24. I encourage people who love diversity and inclusion to participate in Inclusive Leadership education which you can do online from anywhere in the world and in person on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada. Inclusive Leadership is a skills-based practice  for transforming communities by embracing diversity. Action Planning is one of seven skills involved in Building Bridges to equality. Everything about Inclusive Leadership is so amazing. Today I am especially grateful for Action Planning and I hope that everyone can take this workshop sometime in their Inclusive Leadership journey.